• Animals,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of ants

    A symbol of industriousness and productivity, dreaming of ants ensures good success at work and excellent health. Our skills are truly exceptional and thanks to them we will soon reap our rewards. From a financial point of view, this sengno bodes well. For singles, this dream invites you to stop looking for distant love but to realize that it is much closer and within reach than you think. For the elderly it is an invitation to stop thinking about saving and to enjoy life more and more lightly. Be on the lookout if ants invade our homes as family quarrels will soon come. If we dream of stepping on ants…

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  • Interpretation,  Religion

    Dream of the devil, Satan

    The meaning of the devil in dreams is linked to the negativity that this figure had and has for the Catholic religion. Dreaming of the devil generally means that someone close to us has the ability to dominate us. The devil also represents our unconscious which we don’t want to hear or accept. He can also represent a considered friend with such a strong personality as to deeply influence the behavior of the dreamer both for good and for bad. The figure of the devil is also linked to sexuality and changes. Devil tempter or deceiver: betrayal of a womanDevil taking away the one who dreams: madness.Devil with horns: infidelity,…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming of thieves

    In the interpretation of dreaming of thieves, it represents our fears, our insecurity and our inability to deal with a problem. All this stems mainly from the fear of getting a failure in front of a company to which we have dedicated all our energies. For women this dream represents the desire to embark on a passionate love story for playful purposes with the sole aim of experiencing new and daring emotions. For a more precise interpretation, we must eventually add the symbolic value of the theft and any stolen object. For example, if it is an animal it represents an unjustified distrust of our abilities. Dreaming of thieves in…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming of war

    Dreaming of war usually indicates a struggle in real life, which needs to be resolved. It can mean your fears or feelings of losing control somewhere in your life. Dreaming of being afraid of the outbreak of war If you have dreamed that you were afraid of a possible outbreak of a war, such a dream could indicate a loss of control in real life. This loss could be related to your relationship with someone. Dreaming of being called to go to war If you have dreamed that you were invited to go to war, such a dream could mean that you are not spending enough time with your family.…

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  • Family,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of a brother or sister

    Dreaming of a brother or sister can be a symptom of jealousy and unconscious resentments towards them, especially if you dream of them as dead or about to die. Symbol of hypocrisy and falsehood, especially in couple relationships, brothers have very negative connotations and reflect the distrustful attitude towards the newcomer to the world, typical of childhood. However, the dream could also hide the desire for a deep relationship with one’s siblings. The dreamlike image of brothers signals hypocrisy, that of sisters jealousy and discord. Dreaming of a cheerful, active and happy brother is a good omen for the overall progress of the family If you dream of a dead…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming of getting lost

    dream of getting lost, what does it mean? Getting lost is always an unpleasant condition, right? Being literally lost somewhere in a city or lost in life decisions. We can also dream of being lost and that there is a meaning for each dream, depending on the context. Feeling lost in dreams indicates a situation in your daily life that worries you. It is a dream that indicates anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem and confusion about the decisions you need to make in your life. This dream also suggests that you have lost sight or of your life goals, you are feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming about religion and sacred image

    Dreaming of sacred images is a very common dream, but it always creates a lot of questions. Most people who believe in some religion generally believe in saints, and most of these people are Catholic believers. But even if you are not a believer, it does not mean that you cannot have a dream with images of a saint or that you cannot have such a dream. And in this case the dream takes on interesting nuances. Dreaming of sacred images indicates many important things for our life, so if you had this dream here you can get all the details you need to know what your subconscious wants to…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming of family members

    Generally dreaming of family members portends positive and happy moments in the family, while if in a dream you find yourself involved in a quarrel then it means that some tensions will soon surface. Family members in the dream world are among the most common characters and their appearance is frequent in every age and culture. The family unit where you grow up and where you receive, when you are lucky, warmth, protection and love and whose rules, values, beliefs, form the character of a person, this is why relatives in dreams are so important that they feel anxiety and restlessness in the dreamer’s dream vision. It is important to…

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  • Family,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of dad

    The father in dreams represents authority and protection. For this reason, dreaming of the father means that we need help and wisdom to solve an important issue. But the father is also a symbol of power and possession, the father represents authority. Psychoanalysis therefore sees in this figure a form of authoritarianism that oppresses us and discourages us from growing to be independent. Dreaming of your dead father: announces happiness and joy Dreaming of the death of the father: sadness and despair.

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  • Family,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of mom

    If we often dream of mom, we do it above all when we feel in difficulty and need help and certainties. Dreaming of dead Mother when she is still alive, hides the desire for greater independence, or the fact that we have made wrong choices; Dreaming of the dead Mother in reality as if she were alive: we must reorganize our life. Authoritarian mother: we feel oppressed. Sweet mother: luck. Dreaming of coming out of the mother’s womb – career. Mother who calls us: we do not want to assume our responsibilities.

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