January 20 – February 18

Aquarius is traditionally depicted as a man carrying an amphora (sometimes two) from which water is poured onto the ground, a symbol of blessing and protection. The Aquarius period is a period of advanced winter (since it is in the center of the winter season, the Sign is called Fixed), still cold but with the days that get longer, with the imminent spring but not yet arriving, with the rain that bathes a land that is still bare but which will soon give its first signs of rebirth. The announcement of the spring rebirth makes Aquarius a sign projected towards the future, led to create and carry out projects, but also open to others, eager to communicate, to surround himself with friends and collaborators. Aquarius is also a lover of mystery, the unexpected and riddles.
Sign of Aria, is characterized by freedom and adaptability. In fact, he does not like dogmas, pedantry, fixed patterns and routine. Down-to-earth but gifted with imagination and imagination, realistic but nonconformist, Aquarius is the inventor par excellence, especially in the technical disciplines. He is often active in the social field and loves to try to improve people’s material life thanks to technical-scientific progress. Due to his desire for novelty and change, however, he does not always manage to complete the projects he has begun. In fact, he risks being too eccentric, excessive and confused. Aquarius is a Sign dominated by two Planets: Saturn and Uranus. The first brings critical sense and lack of prejudice, the second originality and intuition. The coexistence of two different principles makes this Sign a little unstable, with the risk of falling into periods of depression and pessimism. At work, those born in Aquarius love to be independent, they don’t like being subjected to a boss. In social relationships they are lovable but not very reliable, and tend to be a bit exhibitionist; in some cases they can be a little intolerant. In the family they are apparently compliant, but they always end up doing what they want, and if relationships are too stifling, sooner or later they will drift apart. In love they know how to live great passions, but their instability can be negatively reflected in the relationship. Sensitive and even sentimental, they love to be with others and care about friendship, but in the couple relationship they are a bit elusive.

The Aquarius man

The man born in Aquarius is undoubtedly fascinating, engaging in his projects and in his way of doing. Intelligent and endowed with savoir faire, he is coveted by women but is difficult to grant. Its originality can be manifested in two antithetical ways: it can be particularly elegant, or it can be scruffy and careless of appearances. In any case, he will be able to maintain a polite attitude. He is generous and loves to help others, but tends to be a bit of an exhibitionist, even in acts of altruism, and is not very reliable as he is often oblivious to his past and promises. Apparently it does not change the mood, but this only happens because it tends not to show the ups and downs and not to externalize its problems, even if it can sometimes manifest some brief jerks of nervousness. In love he is more interested in friendship and affinity with a woman than in physical appearance; it is more affectionate than passionate. He is not jealous and cannot understand this feeling in others. In his work he loves being able to deal with novelties and exercise his inventiveness, especially in the technical-scientific field; however, he is a bit lazy.

The Aquarius woman

Charming. The Aquarius woman is capable of giving and eager to receive stimuli: she therefore needs a versatile and interesting companion. Colder than the Aquarius man, she does not like monotonous relationships, and over time she herself shows the different sides of her character, making it difficult for others to understand. Although at first glance she appears lovable and sympathetic, deep down she is eccentric and capricious. He is selfish, and in love he tends not to let himself go too far. She has a good intuition and loves to rely on her instinct, thanks to which she knows how to be a friend capable of dispensing good advice, but sometimes the instinct leads her to make drastic and unpredictable decisions, such as that of ditching the partner at any moment ‘other. Dealing with her is therefore difficult, but it is certainly stimulating. Generally, he tends to trust others and respect their freedom; she doesn’t like to watch over her partner, but she can be a bit wary and even jealous of him. As a mother she is a bit nonconformist: she prefers to teach her children the importance of freedom and individualism rather than the sense of duty, and also the sense of justice. She is a good worker and has golden hands in conceiving and building useful and practical things; in general she is gifted for intellectual work in the technical field and for art.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Uranus as their personal Planet, whose influence is thus doubled. Uranus is the Planet of unpredictability and originality, of change and personal affirmation. The personality of the decade native is magnetic and original, with a certain risk of excessive exhibitionism. Problems can arise in love life, which can be hectic and unstable. The advice is to seek some stability, to carry on the decisions taken, not to always question everything, starting with yourself. In life, having firm points can be helpful.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Mercury as their personal reference Planet. The Planet closest to the Sun is the symbol of rationality and the desire for knowledge. It enables us to observe things, to learn and to remember, and in combination with Uranus (one of the rulers of the Sign), it renders the intellectual abilities of the native remarkable. Furthermore, Mercury favors commercial skills and in general makes it skilled in economic and financial activities. Mercury also helps to be shrewd, and makes it versatile and shrewd in different situations. However, it is a fast Planet, which favors the instability, already typical of Aquarius.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal Planet, which gives a little more constancy to the natives of Aquarius, both in likes and dislikes. The influence of the Planet of love and beauty also makes the native vital and cheerful, gives calmness of character and sociability, and love for nature and beauty. The combination with Uranus (one of the rulers of the Sign) makes the artistic attitudes even more pronounced. Towards loved ones (and others in general), there is a tendency to be generous and willing to give help and protection. There is also a tendency to love luxury and a comfortable, comfortable life.