March 21 – April 20

Aries, the first Sign of the Zodiac, is the Sign of spring, rebirth, youthful energy and vitality. Sign Cardinal, as it starts from spring, is characterized by the Sun that becomes higher and higher on the horizon, by the days that get longer and become longer than the nights, by the nature that awakens and begins to sprout, to grow. Aries thrives on heat, energy and the creation of a Fire Sign. It is ruled by Mars, the Planet of life force and emancipation from authority.
Those born in Aries are impulsive, and take life with enthusiasm. They want everything now. They love adventures, they throw themselves headlong into every new experience, always with joy and impetuousness, always as if it were the first time. In their actions they love to be the first, the pioneers, the guides, the leaders. They are sociable, spontaneous and sincere, and are able to always make new friends. Open and loyal, they expect to be treated equally by others, but this doesn’t always happen. Basically they are fragile, and they continually need to measure themselves against reality and with others. Those born in Aries do not willingly accept being subjected to the authority of others, of having to obey, and they do not tolerate rules and prohibitions. They live in an eternal present, and even though they love to work, they have a hard time making long-term plans. But because they are stubborn, in the face of obstacles they can become stubborn.
In his recklessness and recklessness, the Aries-born has little self-awareness and is unable to learn from their mistakes. In his egotism, he can perform contradictory actions without realizing it. Most of the time it’s generous, but if it’s directly involved, money can turn out to be mean. He is idealistic and has a strong sense of justice, but he can tend to impose his vision on others and be authoritarian. If he commits a wrong he does not like to apologize. More than lasting loves, he is capable of becoming infatuated and falling in love madly, but for this very reason he can also be unfaithful. In love he loves to take the first step, he loves conquest, especially if the prey is difficult; but then maybe he will not deepen his knowledge and will pass on. For him, however, love is fundamental: he always needs to have an object of love.

The Aries man

The Aries man is emotional and impulsive; he is fragile at heart, but he is active and sociable, courageous and enterprising. After all, he is a child, able to get excited easily, as well as to get depressed in the face of obstacles or if he does not feel liked or feels rejected or mistreated. He is competitive, and can easily engage in some sport. In any case, in competitions he hates to lose. Generous and loyal, he is so spontaneous that he is almost naive. He is a very good friend, he is engaging and he is the soul of the company, but because he loves loyalty and does not know half measures, if he feels betrayed he leaves forever. He loves independence even in working life. He often excels in music, politics and activities that require charisma and organizational skills. He is optimistic and knows how to get up quickly from defeats. However, a life that is too monotonous or disappointments that are too great could lead him in the long run to lose enthusiasm and make him apathetic and unmotivated. He is very charming and loves to conquer, and being inconstant and aimed more at quantity than quality, can make the partner suffer. As a father, he transmits enthusiasm and love for freedom to his children, to the point of neglecting them a little in their moments of difficulty.

The Aries woman

Sweet and sensitive, the Aries woman is active, enterprising and autonomous. Attractive and sophisticated, she is an excellent organizer, so that she often finds herself having to fill male roles. Wiser than the Aries man, he is often a support for friends and relatives; others often ask her for advice, which she gladly gives, but she doesn’t like having to see that others lean on her and ask her for help, because she thinks that if they were as efficient as she is, they could do it themselves. Equipped with a practical spirit, she loves freedom and knows how to build economic independence for herself, often with her own activities. He loves traveling and learning about the habits and customs of others. He loves the manifestations of primitive vitality, art, folklore and ethnic crafts. Jealous and possessive, she feels the need for a partner stronger than her, capable of dominating her strength of character; but it is rare that this happens, and so she will have to be the strong person in the couple, which however could very well work: she will be a fundamental point of reference for the life and career of the partner. With her children and grandchildren she can be affectionate and protective.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Mars as their personal reference Planet, which therefore has a doubled power, and enhances the character of Aries, giving great strength and impulsiveness, courage and enthusiasm, great memory and ability to learn quickly, but also impatience and irritability towards others if they do not reveal themselves to their own level. Furthermore, those born in the decade will be independent, capricious and persevering. There is a risk of excessive aggression.
Pay attention to nutrition and body care: the tendency to excess and the lack of moderation could cause stress on the organism.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have the Sun as their personal Planet. At the center of the Solar System, our star is the source of life and helps balance the character of Aries, involving love of change, a sense of honor and great ambitions. personal. In this way the native of Aries will have a valid help in completing what he has started, and will tend to be a little less impulsive and a little more able to commit fully and take responsibility, compared to the general characteristics. of the Sign. The Sun governs self-identification, self-expression and self-realization, therefore the process that leads us to know ourselves and to be ourselves.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Jupiter as their personal Planet, the Planet of luck and nobility of character. The sincerity and expansiveness already typical of Aries are reinforced. The stubbornness and self-centeredness are instead tempered by the magnanimity and moral sense that the largest planet in the solar system gives to those born in this decade. Furthermore, Jupiter confers a sense of fulfillment and satiety, good humor and cheerfulness, which can help counteract the recklessness and obstinacy so typical of Aries. As a Planet of power and money, Jupiter then helps to achieve success and wealth.