• Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of spiders?

    What does it mean to dream of a spider? Dreaming of spiders is a fairly common experience. According to popular interpretation, the spider in dreams brings luck, money, earnings; however the ancient interpreters considered the spider to be an unlucky presence in dreams: they said that if he walks on his face he announces misfortune, and if he weaves the web, falsehoods and lies await us. the spider is an unpleasant animal; one is afraid that it may sting, that it may be poisonous; however, it is considered a harmful animal and many are afraid of it and disgust it, especially those suffering from arachnophobia (the phobia of spiders). Meaning…

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  • Numbers

    The number five

    The Seeker The number Five represents multiplicity, change, changeability and exploration both physically and mentally. Its central location on the scale of numbers from 1 to 9 ensures that the person under the influence of the number Five is constantly directed to the search for new goals. The number Five symbolizes a new starting point towards research, passions and luck. Active and extrovert, the person of the Five tends to burn the stages to reach his goals but is also led to live new experiences. As an explorer in search of new lands, people under the influence of the Five are constantly searching for their inner life. This is for…

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  • Colors

    The properties of the yellow color

    The yellow color is connected to sunlight. The yellow in dreams is the color of intuition, of the intelligence that penetrates things in depth, of the reasoning that dispels the darkness and that clarifies what was previously obscure and confused. Yellow is the color of gold, of radiance, friendship and generosity. It is also the color of pure divinity, of immortality. Yellow is the color that warns of possible dangers and invites caution and caution: it is often used in signs and warning signs. The dark yellow represents perfidy, avarice, jealousy, betrayal and sin. Saffron yellow among Buddhists represents humility, renunciation and lack of desire. There are various shades of…

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  • Colors

    The properties of the red color

    Red is the color of love, feeling, passion and sexual excitement. It is associated with carnality, impetus, energy, fury, vitality. It is also the color of celebration, of joy, of victory, of honors. Red among Christians is the color of the Passion of Jesus, of martyrdom. According to the Hindus, red symbolizes the primordial forces of nature and creativity. In the Christian sphere, red is the color of sin, of the fire of hell and the devil. Red is an exciting color because it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heart rate and pressure. Red is the color of blood and war; it is the color of anger and ferocity,…

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  • Numbers

    The number two

    The Child Number Two, in Orthodox Numerology, represents duality and the union of two elements. The Number Two stands as a symbol of relational, associative and diplomatic relations. The Two is also considered the number of the couple relationship. The relationship with the Two is characterized by a high degree of intimacy and participation. Sensitive and aware, the person of Number Two is prepared, where necessary, to support others, as well as himself, demonstrating friendship, understanding and tact in all aspects of daily life. The number 2 has a deep feminine energy and a strong magnetism. During his life, the person of the Two is constantly searching for harmony. This…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of money or coins?

    Dreaming of money and coins is very common and I am sure that you too are reading with curiosity to understand if seeing so much money in a dream means that you will also get it in reality. It is not really so, but do not be disappointed; often the money you see in a dream refers not to material riches but to your inner riches. According to popular interpretation, this dream must be interpreted according to the rule of opposites; so when you dream of winning so much money, it means that you will have expenses; when instead you dream of losing money, it means that you will have…

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  • Colors

    The properties of the white color

    White is a positive color; it is associated with ideas of purity, cleanliness, innocence, candor, naivety, virginity, marriage, light, splendor, simplicity and goodness. White can be a non-positive color when it is perceived as cold, monotonous, aseptic, devoid of emotion. White is the color of snow, milk, ice and the North Pole. It is associated with the ideas of cold and Christmas. White is the color that is worn in summer, when it is very hot, because it repels sunlight. White is who is albino: it recalls the idea of ​​rarity, of exceptionality. Bianca is the whale of the famous Melville novel. White can visually represent space, emptiness, detachment. These…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of blood?

    Blood is the vital liquid par excellence; it is the vital flow that flows in us, in our veins, which gives us warmth and energy. Hardly the dreams in which blood appears are pleasant dreams; the sight of blood creates anxiety and worry. Meaning of blood in dreams: Suffering: both physical and moral Libido, sexual desire Anger Power Love: sacrifice, family ties, fraternity and the covenant Dream of bright red, black, dark bloodIn dreams, bright red blood usually refers to love, to passion; the blood that flows with violence, or that suddenly bursts out, indicates that you are experiencing very intense emotions, difficult to control. Dreaming of dark red, almost…

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  • Interpretation

    have you ever dreamed about mice?

    These animals appear quite often in dreams, we consider them harmful and dangerous, but we also look at them with compassion and sympathy. Meaning of the mouse in dreams Intuition, instinct: like all animals, the mouse also represents instinct; the mouse has large ears, a highly developed sense of smell, because it must be ready to catch the smallest warning signs. Smallness, pusillanimity, lack of courage: the mouse is small and shy, fleeing at the slightest danger; when it appears in dreams it means that perhaps you feel inadequate, you do not face your fears and you let yourself be crushed by them. Irrational fears, obsessive thoughts that “erode” your…

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  • Interpretation

    have you ever dreamed of water?

    Water is probably the element that appears most often in dreams, sometimes with considerable frequency and insistence. Maybe because water is a symbol of the unconscious and of feelings, which are the same materials from which our dreams take shape. But to say “dreaming of water” is such a generic expression that it can really open up to an infinity of meanings. From where it comes from: it could be sea water, river water, running water (tap water), or a puddle, rain, fountain, waterfall, etc. Appearance, smell, color: it can be clear and clean water, or dirty and muddy; it can be calm and calm, stagnant or agitated. Context: many…

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