June 22 – July 22

The Cancer period begins with the summer solstice, the longest day of the year: Cancer is therefore a Cardinal Sign. Yet, right from the solstice, the days begin to shorten: Cancer (or crab) symbolizes the backward movement of the Sun, and the Sign is ruled by the Moon, the nocturnal Luminary. The Moon exerts a strong influence on the Earth (just think of the tides), and the native of Cancer is affected by this influence, which brings great sensitivity and quick intuition, causes mood swings, and makes people nervous and impressionable. Cancer is a Water Sign, and therefore is gifted with imagination, sensitivity and tact. The natives of Cancer will therefore be impressionable and never indifferent, but led to feel strong likes or dislikes towards people, things and ideas. Equipped with a religious sense and a cult of the past and memory, they will also tend to dream a lot and to be superstitious.
Those born in this Sign are too worried about useless things and the opinions of others, they are also wary of those close to them, and they tend to be easily offended, revealing elements of infantilism. He is sensitive and aggressive, albeit out of defense. When he is in a bad mood, he is inclined to argue for no reason, and it is then best to leave him alone and treat him with kindness. He also tends to somatize if he has any problems or concerns. But he is also spontaneous, witty and generous. He is capable of helping others. He is in need of affection, and he tends to be swayed a little too much. However, he feels the need for a space, for a shell that no one can enter. He has a sense of money, as well as of home; he is generally habitual and traditional, although he loves travel and variety. An idealist, he loves family and country, and is willing to sacrifice himself for others or for an ideal. However, he cannot stand authoritarianism, and may have conflicts with his father or with a partner who tends to impose himself. He’s stubborn and stubborn, and doesn’t change his mind easily. The Cancer native likes to keep things and collectibles, as well as precision work. At work he can do difficult and meticulous tasks, but he has problems if he has to submit to a boss: he wants to be the boss. This is why he generally has initial difficulties in working relationships, which he then overcomes thanks to his stubbornness, so that in the long run he will have a brilliant career.

The Cancer man

The character of the Cancer man has childish sides: he can be capricious and demand things from others, he can be touchy and play the victim to get more attention, or try to win the benevolence of others with a sweet and persuasive attitude. Introverted, he lives in a world of his own. He is shy and insecure and tends to be withdrawn. Conservative and traditionalist, he tends to be projected backwards and nostalgic towards the past. He loves home, family, and what makes him feel safe. His laziness is proverbial. In his idealistic outbursts, however, he knows how to be courageous. He tends to attach himself to others, is possessive and jealous, and loyal to his partner. He often looks for a mother figure in her. In fact, in other people he seeks protection and safety, even if he does not always show it. He is affectionate and it is easy to find a partner who is crazy about his childlike character and his loyalty. The partner will have to be careful, however, because he will then tend to take over and to impose himself secretly, and perhaps to make her feel guilty and even to plagiarize her. At work he is patient and persistent, and can achieve a lot, as long as he gets rid of the fear of the new.

The Cancer woman

More instinctive than rational, she is sensitive and vulnerable, and tends to melancholy. However, he is sweet and knows how to dedicate himself to others. She is loving, protective and maternal, and dreams of marriage and a stable and cheerful family. Men looking for a mother figure will be attracted to her, perhaps Cancer men. She must be careful not to be too helpful with those who might take advantage of it. However, she too needs affection and protection, and will get along well with a serious and capable man. Love is difficult terrain for her, because she is afraid to open up and show her vulnerability. She tends to mull over the past and the things said and done by those around her. Maybe she comes to negative conclusions on her own and can play the victim. It complicates life unnecessarily by itself; however, he tends to complicate it also for others, dragging them into his torments. However, when she is in a good mood she can be witty and cheerful, and she knows how to assert her intuition and observation skills. With children it is perfect when they are small; when they grow up, there is a risk that they will remain too protective.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have the Moon as their personal Planet, which is already the ruler of the Sign, which therefore makes the typical characteristics of the natives of Cancer even more evident, such as sensitivity, fragility and insecurity. Those born in this decade will also be especially sweet and understanding, welcoming, and will love the home, safety and sense of protection of home life. However, they will also have a tendency not to resolve their weaknesses, and it will be so difficult to establish a deep and lasting relationship with them, unless you know how to fully understand and appreciate them for who they are.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Mars as their personal reference Planet, the Planet of energy and combativeness. Thanks to the influence of Mars, those born in this decade will have more strength and ability to pursue their goals, thus balancing the influences of the Moon, which tend to make those born in Cancer a little too passive and impressionable. The influence of the red planet for this sign is therefore generally positive; a negative side however could be the aggressiveness conferred by Mars, which combined with the stubbornness of those born in Cancer, could make it a little difficult to deal with them.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Jupiter and Neptune as personal planets. Jupiter is the Planet of luck and happiness, of sincerity and nobility of character, while Neptune is the Planet of idealism, inventiveness and transformation, but also of sensitivity, nostalgia and melancholy, and can lead to living “in the clouds”, further accentuating the sensitivity and instability of Cancer. The result is a conflict between conflicting forces, which can make the Cancer native even more insecure, leading to the need to resolve inner conflicts in the first place.