December 22 – January 19

Capricorn, a mythical animal with a goat body and a dolphin’s tail, symbolizes the ambivalent nature of a Sign influenced by asceticism and contact with the divine. The annual period in which the Sun is in Capricorn is a winter, hard period, characterized by short days, with the Sun low on the horizon and nature in silent defense and fight against cold and adversity. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign, since it begins with the winter solstice: during this period the days, after reaching the lowest point, begin to lengthen, announcing a distant promise of rebirth, of awakening. Capricorn is an Earth Sign, therefore with a static character, which favors concreteness and critical nature.
This Sign is ruled by Saturn, the Planet of destiny and consciousness, which pushes people towards social and spiritual development. Dark and tormented, but also a source of intelligence, critical sense, resistance to pain and fatigue, Saturn ensures the ability to build something important over time: often the success of those born under the influence of this Planet comes with maturity. Those born in Capricorn are therefore autonomous and freedom-loving, but have a sense of duty and self-discipline. They know the sense of responsibility, they are courageous, patient and persevering. They are loners, but deep down they want to open up to others, even if they do it in an abstract way, so they are generous (sometimes too much) and loyal, but in them there remains an underlying insecurity that makes them reserved and sometimes shy. For this reason, even if those born in Capricorn are appreciated for their skills and therefore respected, it remains difficult to open their armor and establish a deep relationship with them, and after all their way of being can inspire a certain fear. Led to a simple life, those born in Capricorn prefer to surround themselves with genuine people, whose trustworthiness they appreciate and from whom they want to receive a sense of security: from others they want to be treated with loyalty and respect, and they do not tolerate lies and betrayals. They have many interests and are inclined to study, even if they don’t like to apply themselves too much.

The Capricorn man

they have very high ideals; they ask a lot of others, but above all of themselves. This demanding character can be a source of frustration and melancholy and pessimistic tendencies: it would be good for the Capricorn man to try to notice the positive side in things and in people, starting with himself. At work the Capricorn man is reliable and competent. But in social relationships, his confidentiality can be a source of misunderstanding towards others, especially his partner. His shyness is not always felt, and he often fails to communicate his feelings. In addition, repressed passions are harboring in him and deep down he knows he is much more fiery than he appears. But instead of showing it, he prefers to wait for the right person to arrive who realizes it and knows how to unblock it: in this way, however, he risks loneliness and regret. The Capricorn man tends to be jealous, even if he does not like to show it, and in any case he manages to contain this feeling with his own rationality. Overall, however, it is an excellent partner, reliable and rational, sensitive and endowed with many qualities, which however it is necessary to know how to grasp and appreciate.

The Capricorn woman

Female people born in Capricorn are interesting people, with multiple qualities, never banal or obvious. The Capricorn woman is reliable at work as well as in the family. In social relations, however, she can be a bit cold, proud, suspicious. She is often skeptical of marriage, and in any case it takes time to be able to conquer it. But if he allows himself to be known and approached, others will appreciate his great sensitivity and his ability to bond. The Capricorn woman is a difficult and demanding partner, but one who gives a lot to those she deems worthy of being next to her. Despite the initial distrust, she is inclined to deep and stable relationships. However, it always remains self-sufficient and self-confident, so it is necessary to know how to respect its spaces and its independence. In family and with friends, she unexpectedly reveals herself capable and willing to help others: despite her haughty attitude, she is in fact capable of giving the right advice, due to her rationality which is never separated from a remarkable sensitivity. However, she is stubborn, a little self-centered and touchy, so you have to know how to take her in the right direction.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Saturn as their personal Planet, which therefore doubles its influence, making the natives decidedly closed and introverted, very (perhaps too) conscious of themselves and of the world around them. The tendency to resist, to seek stability, can lead to a generally conservative attitude, but also tenacious and persevering, capable of a lot of patience and firmness in one’s ideas and projects. The ability to manage one’s savings and keep one’s economic situation under control is also highly developed.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal Planet, which softens a little the character of Capricorn, bringing a certain inclination to beauty and the arts, and also more sweetness and sensuality. The mood is also more cheerful. Consistency and determination are also good. In the sentimental sphere, on the other hand, there is a contrast between Venus and Saturn, the ruler of the Sign, who with his ever-alert conscience cannot bear to lose control because of the drives, which he considers irrational. The urge to love and feelings can be repressed, and a certain frustration and the difficulty in opening up and externalizing one’s feelings can result.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Mercury as their personal Planet, which is the Planet of intellect and rationality, qualities that will therefore be strengthened, in combination with the already rational and conscious Saturn. The problems can instead arise due to the fact that Mercury, a fast and volatile planet, confers a certain underlying instability, especially in combination with the dark and tormented Saturn. The character can be so indecisive, and the native can often get stuck in the choices because he will tend to evaluate all the variables in a too cerebral and analytical way. On the other hand, the commercial skills and the management of their savings are good.