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    Dreaming of worms

    Worms have always been a symbol of annoyance, undesirable intruders, bad company, usurers and low, material people. But in nature worms are very important, they make the earth fertile by decomposing organic matter. But unfortunately there are also internal parasitic worms that take advantage of the food inserted and give nothing in return. Dreaming of the worms in your bed The meaning of this dream indicates that you have a great desire to share with a couple who meets your life expectancy, because right now you have doubts about a romantic relationship. You want to find a love that gives you security, to erase the inconveniences of the past and…

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    Dreaming of lice

    Lice in life represent a strong annoyance, in dreams too, they can represent annoyances and worries that we live every day or in other cases they represent people and external factors that bring us annoyance and discomfort.However, lice may reflect some aspects of our character that bother us and we would like to change Dreaming of having lice Dreaming of having lice in your head certainly reflects our state of mind, obviously the thoughts and problems you have in your head are more than one and unfortunately they do not leave you alone, you feel tormented and annoyed by all the worries you have. Dreaming of lice on the head…

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    Dreaming a lion

    The lion represents the dreamer and everything that has not been tamed and that must be appeased in him: strength, will, passion and power.It could also represent a figure, usually male, of a strong and courageous person that the dreamer will meet, or is already present in his life. In the sexual sphere, the lion can indicate an excess of aggression, with the negative consequence that people of the other sex move away out of fear Dreaming aggressive lions it could represent the fears and doubts you feel when faced with the agitations of the unconscious. It could also warn that in the environment in which you live or work…

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    Dream about snails

    A snail in dreams indicates to us that at this moment we are very slow in making important decisions. Our laziness risks making us pass for inactive and insensitive people and above all of making us miss the opportunities that arise and your enemies can take advantage of this and will reach you. In order not to be far behind, one must pay attention and show interest in what is happening around us. A snail in a dream could also mean a tense situation, which has now formed around you. If no steps are taken to change this situation, everything can only get worse, and from small annoyances big trouble…

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    Dream about bees

    Dreaming of bees means that we consider ourselves industrious just like these insects; full of energy, efficient, we will complete our jobs, above all thanks to our skills and will. The bees in your dream symbolize wealth, good luck, harmony, creativity. They are a symbol of hard work and industry, as represented by the common phrase “busy as a bee.” Your hard work will pay off in the end with great results. Alternatively, the dream represents things that are happening in your life or something that is buzzing with activity around us. Bees have intricate ways of communication. Often when we dream of bees it is a sign that we…

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    Dream about insects

    Tradition associates dreaming of insects with the prediction of inheritance due to the sudden disappearance of a relative. Probably a stroke of luck will make us change our standard of living, it can also be a game win or a new work project. Insects represent annoying children or siblings that the dreamer feels jealous of. There is also too much severity towards others considering them to be inferior beings. For women it is a favorable dream, they will in fact be more valued by their men and will spend pleasant periods of company and happiness with them. If the dreamer is sick: healing is near. If he is a student:…

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    Dreaming of a tiger

    Dreaming of a tiger represents all the dangerous passions by which we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed without being able to dominate ourselves anymore. The tiger also represents in oneiromancy the furious, angry and jealous enemy. Hitting it is therefore equivalent to success; to kill her, to a complete triumph, to the elimination of any obstacle to luck. Dreaming of being a tiger It means discovering within oneself the characteristics of the tiger, coming into contact with the disowned selves that are associated with these characteristics, with the instinctive drives that have perhaps been repressed. Being a tiger in dreams generally has a positive meaning and can indicate the need…

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    Dream about fish

    Fish in dreams generally represent the forces of the unconscious and therefore of personality changes after careful and prolonged introspection. However, there is no need to worry, dreaming of fish refers to events of little importance and that will not affect your future in the least. Dreaming of having a fish or a fish in your hands You must be very careful because this dream warns you that an excellent opportunity will slip through your fingers. This moment can be very important to you and you are letting it go. This affects the progress of your projects. Dreaming of going fishing This dream is linked to all your energy and…

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    Dreaming of ants

    A symbol of industriousness and productivity, dreaming of ants ensures good success at work and excellent health. Our skills are truly exceptional and thanks to them we will soon reap our rewards. From a financial point of view, this sengno bodes well. For singles, this dream invites you to stop looking for distant love but to realize that it is much closer and within reach than you think. For the elderly it is an invitation to stop thinking about saving and to enjoy life more and more lightly. Be on the lookout if ants invade our homes as family quarrels will soon come. If we dream of stepping on ants…

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    Dreaming of cockroaches

    Nobody likes this animal especially if you dream of it frequently. If you often dream of cockroaches during the night, it means that you have to manage your income and your work more carefully. Dreaming of cockroaches in general warns to beware of friends who will not prove to be such and to pay more attention to health. This animal lives in filth, by analogy it can indicate a dirty relationship with the administration of our business or our relationships and the need to clean up their emotional relationships. Seeing a cockroach in a clean room – unexpected arrival of money. Killing a cockroach: gossips can be unmasked and then…

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