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    Dreaming of falling

    The dream of falling into the void is perhaps one of the most recurring dreams of individuals. In general, most people will have dreamed of a similar situation at least once.It could very well be a warning of moments and attitudes that we must transform in ourselves to get up from such a fall, or to take on our defeats. Dreaming of falling and waking up before impact Dreaming of falling but waking up before the impact is perhaps the most common of these types of dream. In general they are related to the stressful and agitated situations in which we find ourselves today. We can find ourselves in the…

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    Dreaming of being in the desert

    Dreaming of a desert symbolizes a negative inner condition of the dreamer. Usually dreaming of the desert indicates a condition of sadness and loneliness. Often the dream is read in a negative key as the manifestation of an inner condition of loneliness, marginalization, abandonment. But as we said earlier we need to see the context and what happens. Finding yourself in a dream in the middle of a desert evokes a situation of bad luck especially with regard to business. And it is a prelude to the fact of being faced with difficulties to overcome. However, if you are in the desert to want it just as if it were…

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    Dreaming of being in prison

    Prison is a symbol of repression, if you dream of being imprisoned you usually live in a situation of uncertainty and insecurity that deserves a pause for reflection.Dreams about prison are dreams about meditation and solitude. We feel imprisoned by the people who live next to us or perhaps we cannot free ourselves from the strong internal pressures and this prevents us from living peacefully. Our commitments are getting heavier day by day. Being imprisoned for no reason (innocent): the life we ​​are leading is not in line with our moral principles, we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt See a prison: we know that we have behaved badly and…

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    Dreaming of being in the hospital

    dreaming of a hospital denotes the need for understanding on the part of those close to us. If the hospital is full: health is booming, if empty, diseases are in sight. Dreaming of being in the hospital reveals vulnerability and struggles, hidden pain and the need to be cared for and cared for, but it also shows the right time to deal with all of these and the willingness to do so. Dreaming of being on a stretcher in the hospital The meanings are always those related to the hospital and the need to take care, but the image of the dream indicates inconvenience, provisionality or a first phase of…

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    Dream of being chased

    Dreaming of being chased and dreaming of running away or fleeing from something or someone is a fairly common theme. The typical scenario presents being chased by a pursuing entity, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to harm us or perhaps kill us. As a result, we run, hide or try to outsmart our pursuer. Dreaming of running away from someone it could have both a positive and a negative value, just ask yourself if we want to be caught or not. Often women dream of running away from someone who scares them, this prompts you to wonder if you have problems with the male sex…

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    Dream of being naked

    Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked (in underwear or without pants to be clear) is a dream, or for some a nightmare, very common.Often, when you realize that you are naked in a dream, no one seems to notice. In this case it means that your fears are unfounded, no one will notice them except you. Dreaming of being proud of your nakedness Show no embarrassment or shame, it symbolizes your unconditional freedom. You have nothing to hide and you are proud of who you are. The dream is of a new sense of honesty, transparency, and a carefree nature. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you want…

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    Dreaming of thieves

    In the interpretation of dreaming of thieves, it represents our fears, our insecurity and our inability to deal with a problem. All this stems mainly from the fear of getting a failure in front of a company to which we have dedicated all our energies. For women this dream represents the desire to embark on a passionate love story for playful purposes with the sole aim of experiencing new and daring emotions. For a more precise interpretation, we must eventually add the symbolic value of the theft and any stolen object. For example, if it is an animal it represents an unjustified distrust of our abilities. Dreaming of thieves in…

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    Dreaming of war

    Dreaming of war usually indicates a struggle in real life, which needs to be resolved. It can mean your fears or feelings of losing control somewhere in your life. Dreaming of being afraid of the outbreak of war If you have dreamed that you were afraid of a possible outbreak of a war, such a dream could indicate a loss of control in real life. This loss could be related to your relationship with someone. Dreaming of being called to go to war If you have dreamed that you were invited to go to war, such a dream could mean that you are not spending enough time with your family.…

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    Dreaming of getting lost

    dream of getting lost, what does it mean? Getting lost is always an unpleasant condition, right? Being literally lost somewhere in a city or lost in life decisions. We can also dream of being lost and that there is a meaning for each dream, depending on the context. Feeling lost in dreams indicates a situation in your daily life that worries you. It is a dream that indicates anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem and confusion about the decisions you need to make in your life. This dream also suggests that you have lost sight or of your life goals, you are feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking…

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    Dreaming of being kidnapped

    Dreaming of a kidnapping The dream has different interpretations depending on whether it is our action or an action suffered. Dreaming of kidnapping in general is a bad omen, it denotes injustices suffered, unresolved difficulties and false judgments about us. Dreaming of being kidnapped is a good omen: in fact, a new and fruitful encounter or the fulfillment of an ancient desire awaits us. Dreaming of being kidnapped can represent the trauma of detachment for a woman. The child may simply have grown up and this dream may represent the fear that he may be emotionally distancing himself from her. This is similar if we are talking about the kidnapping…

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