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    Dream about uncles or aunts

    Uncles are certainly among the closest parental figures, with whom we often share most of our childhood memories. Times change, and with them also our concept of family, understood as a home in which to relax spiritually and be oneself; only a few decades ago, especially in the less industrialized areas of our country, the term family had a greater collective value than today, where the uncles played a decisive role in the growth of the new arrivals. Uncle refers to the fear of not being able to dominate one’s life and therefore the need to always ask for advice from others, especially when making decisions. Dreaming of an uncle…

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    Dreaming of the son or daughter

    In dreams it can often happen to dream about your children, especially if something happened before the dream that had a strong impact or remained imprinted. Symbol of what is dearest to us in the world, dreaming of one’s children is often interpreted as fear, but at the same time the desire to protect our loved ones and the truest affections from the dangers of the world. The fear of not being able to protect them, however, is great and it is precisely for this reason that it often happens to have this type of dream, a way almost to exorcise tension and acquire courage. Dreaming of a child can…

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    Dream of a niece or grandson

    Dreaming of a grandson always means something that has to do with family. However, it’s not always about the grandson himself. It could mean that some woman in your family will soon become pregnant Dreaming of seeing the grandson When a woman dreams of her grandson, it means that the family will increase, with the birth of a child. She could be the person who gets pregnant. The fact that a man dreams of a grandson means longevity and health. Dreaming of the birth of the grandson it is the personification of new ideas and an indication of their prospects that will certainly be positive, because it means the success…

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    Dreaming of a brother or sister

    Dreaming of a brother or sister can be a symptom of jealousy and unconscious resentments towards them, especially if you dream of them as dead or about to die. Symbol of hypocrisy and falsehood, especially in couple relationships, brothers have very negative connotations and reflect the distrustful attitude towards the newcomer to the world, typical of childhood. However, the dream could also hide the desire for a deep relationship with one’s siblings. The dreamlike image of brothers signals hypocrisy, that of sisters jealousy and discord. Dreaming of a cheerful, active and happy brother is a good omen for the overall progress of the family If you dream of a dead…

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    Dreaming of dad

    The father in dreams represents authority and protection. For this reason, dreaming of the father means that we need help and wisdom to solve an important issue. But the father is also a symbol of power and possession, the father represents authority. Psychoanalysis therefore sees in this figure a form of authoritarianism that oppresses us and discourages us from growing to be independent. Dreaming of your dead father: announces happiness and joy Dreaming of the death of the father: sadness and despair.

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    Dreaming of mom

    If we often dream of mom, we do it above all when we feel in difficulty and need help and certainties. Dreaming of dead Mother when she is still alive, hides the desire for greater independence, or the fact that we have made wrong choices; Dreaming of the dead Mother in reality as if she were alive: we must reorganize our life. Authoritarian mother: we feel oppressed. Sweet mother: luck. Dreaming of coming out of the mother’s womb – career. Mother who calls us: we do not want to assume our responsibilities.

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    Dream about grandparents

    When you dream of grandparents, we need to analyze if it’s Dream about Grandma or Grandpa Dream of Grandma: We have a bad relationship with our mother so we prefer the figure of the Grandmother; she also represents old age and in general the negative figure of women; See also Dream about mom Dream about Grandpa: A figure that is flanked by that of the father especially if we have had a good relationship with him. See also dreaming of dad

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