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    Dreaming of cherries

    Cherries in dreams represent personal happiness, relationships with others, but also health. You may be able to resolve some complicated relationships with people who want to hurt you. Dreaming of eating cherries If you have dreamed of eating cherries, you have probably had minor financial losses or someone has disappointed and deceived you. Dreaming of a cherry tree Dreaming of a cherry tree can be a sign of a very close friendship with a person. Feel free to rely on your friends. When it is difficult for you, you can count on their help. If there is little or no fruit on the tree, indicate financial difficulties. On the contrary,…

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    Dreaming of apples

    It is one of the fruits that has the most symbolism when presented in a dream. It is accompanied by various interesting interpretations from every point of view. It is loaded with information elements of the various moments you are going through and which are captured in your subconscious. It is generally known as the fruit of temptation or forbidden fruit. It symbolizes the need of those who dream to be aware and attentive to all the situations that surround them and not to fall into temptations that then lead them to repentance. The apple is also seen as a reflection of betrayal, due to the poisoning that the acquaintance…

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    Dreaming of bananas

    The banana represents the penis: this both in case of dissatisfaction and fulfillment. However, there are other interpretations that do not necessarily concern the sexual sphere.One of the meanings to which the banana is linked, for example, is money. If you dream of these fruits, you are probably thinking of saving money for a project. If we see the banana in a fruit basket, it means that there is an erotic lack in our couple.If the banana comes off the tree, we must probably live sexual relations with more open-mindedness. A banana tree growing at home portends the arrival of a child. Eating this fruit involves new demanding activities in…

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    Dreaming of grapes

    Grapes, clearly associated with wine, are a positive symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity. Dreaming of grapes also promises future erotic pleasures. A peculiarity: if you have had this dream, it is not recommended to play for a while, we would lose time and money. The interpretation of the dream is very dependent on the color and degree of ripeness of the fruit. Vineyard rows or field of grapes: prosperity Pick the grapes: we will be famous and celebrated Dreaming of white grapes – victory over those who want us badly Harvest: inheritance in sight Black grapes: business to be carefully evaluated Red grapes: you are living in a period…

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