• Danger,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of falling

    The dream of falling into the void is perhaps one of the most recurring dreams of individuals. In general, most people will have dreamed of a similar situation at least once.It could very well be a warning of moments and attitudes that we must transform in ourselves to get up from such a fall, or to take on our defeats. Dreaming of falling and waking up before impact Dreaming of falling but waking up before the impact is perhaps the most common of these types of dream. In general they are related to the stressful and agitated situations in which we find ourselves today. We can find ourselves in the…

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  • Interpretation,  Places

    Dreaming of being at the sea

    It means that you benefit from a relaxed atmosphere, you feel that your worries are over and your mind can finally rest in peace. See also Dreaming of water. If in sleep you can even imagine the smell and see its intense color, then you are full of life, letting the salt water and sand heal your wounds while the body is lulled by the waves.See also Dreaming of being on the beach. This feeling is associated with your real tranquility. You are in a good time in your life that you should take advantage of to plan, because your mind is so peaceful that it really is the right…

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  • Interpretation,  Places

    Dreaming of being at the beach

    Dreaming of the beach is truly an invitation to a deep reflection on where and how we are. This dream speaks volumes about the dreamer’s personality. Her state of mind is revealed.see also Dreaming of being at the sea or Dreaming of water Dreaming of leaving footprints in the sand it connects to a new awareness: the dreamer sees his life in perspective, manages to confront his past and also with his future. Dreaming of being on a desert beach Dreaming of being on a desert beach and looking at the sea and the sky reflects the need to accept oneself, but it also reflects one’s own complexity. It is…

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  • Animals,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of worms

    Worms have always been a symbol of annoyance, undesirable intruders, bad company, usurers and low, material people. But in nature worms are very important, they make the earth fertile by decomposing organic matter. But unfortunately there are also internal parasitic worms that take advantage of the food inserted and give nothing in return. Dreaming of the worms in your bed The meaning of this dream indicates that you have a great desire to share with a couple who meets your life expectancy, because right now you have doubts about a romantic relationship. You want to find a love that gives you security, to erase the inconveniences of the past and…

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  • Interpretation

    Dreaming of gold

    If you have ever dreamed of having several gold coins in your hands or around you (see also Dreaming of money), you should know that this means that there is success, good plans and good luck in your life. Therefore, it is the ideal time to realize those professional or personal dreams that you have always wanted but did not dare. Also, when there are gold coins it can mean that your goals are close to being achieved, so let’s get to work. Dreaming of finding gold coins If you are surprised to find gold in your dream, this means something negative and not positive as many think. In reality…

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  • Animals,  Insects,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of lice

    Lice in life represent a strong annoyance, in dreams too, they can represent annoyances and worries that we live every day or in other cases they represent people and external factors that bring us annoyance and discomfort.However, lice may reflect some aspects of our character that bother us and we would like to change Dreaming of having lice Dreaming of having lice in your head certainly reflects our state of mind, obviously the thoughts and problems you have in your head are more than one and unfortunately they do not leave you alone, you feel tormented and annoyed by all the worries you have. Dreaming of lice on the head…

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  • Animals,  Interpretation

    Dreaming a lion

    The lion represents the dreamer and everything that has not been tamed and that must be appeased in him: strength, will, passion and power.It could also represent a figure, usually male, of a strong and courageous person that the dreamer will meet, or is already present in his life. In the sexual sphere, the lion can indicate an excess of aggression, with the negative consequence that people of the other sex move away out of fear Dreaming aggressive lions it could represent the fears and doubts you feel when faced with the agitations of the unconscious. It could also warn that in the environment in which you live or work…

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  • Interpretation,  Weathering

    Dreaming of the fog

    The fog in dreams leads to the emergence of new possibilities, to ideas and sensations that are germinating, to letting oneself be guided by an inner thrust, trusting in oneself and in one’s abilities. to reveal an aspect of creative elaboration, the expectation of a result, hope. Dreaming of getting lost in the fog It is a dream of distress that reflects a state of doubt and lack of clarity about a situation or a relationship. The dreamer feels “lost”, lost in something that he does not fully understand: feelings that we suck in, a sexual passion, or depression, emotions that invade him and that he is unable to rationalize.…

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  • Fruit,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of cherries

    Cherries in dreams represent personal happiness, relationships with others, but also health. You may be able to resolve some complicated relationships with people who want to hurt you. Dreaming of eating cherries If you have dreamed of eating cherries, you have probably had minor financial losses or someone has disappointed and deceived you. Dreaming of a cherry tree Dreaming of a cherry tree can be a sign of a very close friendship with a person. Feel free to rely on your friends. When it is difficult for you, you can count on their help. If there is little or no fruit on the tree, indicate financial difficulties. On the contrary,…

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  • Fruit,  Interpretation

    Dreaming of apples

    It is one of the fruits that has the most symbolism when presented in a dream. It is accompanied by various interesting interpretations from every point of view. It is loaded with information elements of the various moments you are going through and which are captured in your subconscious. It is generally known as the fruit of temptation or forbidden fruit. It symbolizes the need of those who dream to be aware and attentive to all the situations that surround them and not to fall into temptations that then lead them to repentance. The apple is also seen as a reflection of betrayal, due to the poisoning that the acquaintance…

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