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    Dreaming of fruits and vegetables

    Dreaming of Fruit is a symbol of fertility and portends fortunes and earnings, especially if you dream of picking it directly from the tree. The rounded shape of the fruit refers to the womb and the female breast. Fruits are the most satisfying gifts of the earth from all points of view: touch, taste, sight, smell. This clearly refers to sexual fulfillment and the psychic satisfaction of erotic desires. Dreaming of apples portends luck and happiness especially if they are shiny and ripe.Figs are good especially if fresh and in the summer season, dried figs mean waste of money and time.Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and dried fruit herald worries and disturbances.The…

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    Dreaming of being in various places

    Our dreams usually place us in known places, in our home, on the streets of our city or in completely unknown places, our imagination is what governs, and we go where we are told. For more detail, see also the following articles: Our dreams usually place us in known places, in our home, on the streets of our city or in completely unknown places, our imagination is what governs, and we go where we are told. The place you project yourself could mean something in terms of dream interpretation and it could be your subconscious mind trying to tell you something. Dreaming of being in a city A city suggests…

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    Dreaming of embarrassing situations

    This very common dream can mean the refusal, on the part of the dreamer, to play the role that is imposed on him by social rules; the desire, therefore, to destroy his “facade”, the way he shows himself to others, the will to truly be himself. The dream can also reveal the desire to be less reserved, more open and sociable with a specific person or with a group. But there is also an opposite meaning: the fear of being laid bare, discovered in one’s lowest instincts, in the meanest intentions, in the least legitimate sexual desires, thus arousing the disapproval of others. If you do not solve your problems,…

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    Dreaming of weathering

    weathering in a dream have important meanings. In addition to being among the elements that most frame dream situations, they are also the ones that are most easily remembered. below we analyze the various changes of time and their meaning. We can say that if during the dream you are reading or listening to weather forecasts this means that we live a strong expectation of change in the course of our life both professionally and emotionally, where a gloomy weather can be synonymous with sadness and melancholy while a bright day can bring happiness and moments of absolute joy and lightheartedness. As for natural disasters, the meanings are disparate but…

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    Dream about insects

    Tradition associates dreaming of insects with the prediction of inheritance due to the sudden disappearance of a relative. Probably a stroke of luck will make us change our standard of living, it can also be a game win or a new work project. Insects represent annoying children or siblings that the dreamer feels jealous of. There is also too much severity towards others considering them to be inferior beings. For women it is a favorable dream, they will in fact be more valued by their men and will spend pleasant periods of company and happiness with them. If the dreamer is sick: healing is near. If he is a student:…

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    Dreaming of being in danger

    It is generally believed that dreaming of being in danger hides a desire for protection. In fact, it may be that during the day we are insecure for some reason, and we would like to escape in the face of difficulties. Our desire is therefore to seek a safe place. And this is exactly what happens in the dream: someone chases us, and we can’t deal with it. The danger is too great, we must escape and find refuge. So it’s nothing terrible, certainly not a harbinger of real future dangers. But it is a useful message: there is a difficult situation in life and we do not want to…

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    Dreaming about religion and sacred image

    Dreaming of sacred images is a very common dream, but it always creates a lot of questions. Most people who believe in some religion generally believe in saints, and most of these people are Catholic believers. But even if you are not a believer, it does not mean that you cannot have a dream with images of a saint or that you cannot have such a dream. And in this case the dream takes on interesting nuances. Dreaming of sacred images indicates many important things for our life, so if you had this dream here you can get all the details you need to know what your subconscious wants to…

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    Dreaming of family members

    Generally dreaming of family members portends positive and happy moments in the family, while if in a dream you find yourself involved in a quarrel then it means that some tensions will soon surface. Family members in the dream world are among the most common characters and their appearance is frequent in every age and culture. The family unit where you grow up and where you receive, when you are lucky, warmth, protection and love and whose rules, values, beliefs, form the character of a person, this is why relatives in dreams are so important that they feel anxiety and restlessness in the dreamer’s dream vision. It is important to…

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    Dreaming of animals

    Dreaming of animals – meaning of the dream Talking about dreaming of animals in general is something very vague. But all of this makes sense if we look beyond what these represent one by one. These beings live with us in the world, although on many occasions we place many very far away. Animals like giraffes, hippos, zebras, lions, all have a lot to do with humans. Even if we don’t see them daily, dreaming about them can tell us many things that we need to fix in our mind. This is why if we have dreamed of an animal, whatever its type, we must give it the importance it…

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