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    Dream of an angel

    Dreaming of an angel symbolizes goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation. Angels can also represent your vision of a person or situation that you consider to be the perfect solution to a problem. An angel reflects a wonderful situation in your life that relieves you of burdens or spares you from difficulties. It also indicates a situation where you feel blessed, grateful, or happy. An angel can also symbolize a partner, girlfriend, or spouse that you think is perfect. Angels often appear in the dreams of people who have had a strong spiritual experience or a renewed interest in their beliefs because it reflects the sense of security, belonging or…

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    Dreaming of the Pope

    Dreaming of the Pope, Francis, Benedict, Wojtyla will appear in dreams even in the moments when we ask ourselves questions about our spirituality and for all those questions about which we question ourselves in relation to religion. Dreaming of the dead Pope many times in dreams, someone’s death indicates the separation we have from the latter. In this case, dreaming of the dead pope can represent a spiritual detachment; as we have already said, the pope is the one who embodies the bond that exists between God and man. Our dream can represent the detachment of that bond on our part. It is possible to hypothesize that the pontiff in…

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    Dream of the devil, Satan

    The meaning of the devil in dreams is linked to the negativity that this figure had and has for the Catholic religion. Dreaming of the devil generally means that someone close to us has the ability to dominate us. The devil also represents our unconscious which we don’t want to hear or accept. He can also represent a considered friend with such a strong personality as to deeply influence the behavior of the dreamer both for good and for bad. The figure of the devil is also linked to sexuality and changes. Devil tempter or deceiver: betrayal of a womanDevil taking away the one who dreams: madness.Devil with horns: infidelity,…

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    Dreaming of God our Lord

    What does it mean to dream of God? The presence of Our Lord in dreams could represent a particularly difficult period where we feel the need to cling to someone who supports us regardless of the problem, it could symbolize a need for hope, in an off period. Again we may have made a mistake and the image of God tries to remind us of our mistakes. God in dreams: The figure of God, in dreams it reflects your inner voice very well, the one we do not listen to easily, in short, a figure who judges us, who consoles, who protects, is a sign of hope, based on what…

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    Dreaming of Jesus Christ

    Dreaming of Jesus, for most people, always brings good wishes, thinking that they are always good things. Jesus is always seen as a positive symbol, which brings hopes, joys, results. The meaning of dreaming of Jesus can represent the person’s relationship with his religious beliefs, clearly showing whether there is trust in faith or if there are doubts about the supernatural. The dream of Jesus, in general, always represents our personality, what we think and desire, the way in which we fight for the search for our improvement. In many cases, the dream of Jesus can be an invitation to seek self-knowledge, to strengthen our willpower, to mature in our…

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