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    Dream about kiss

    The meaning of dreaming of kissing changes not only according to the person who kisses or is kissed, but also according to the body area that receives the kiss. Very often it is a symptom of an introverted and shy character, the sleeper who dreams of kissing actually needs to express their feelings and affection. In fact, the kiss is a sign of trust and union with another person by combining one’s breath with that of the other. Dreaming that someone is kissing your partner Dreaming of someone kissing your partner in front of you is a vision of lost respect. Your high respect for your partner may be diminished…

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    Dreaming of being cheated by wife

    There are many interpretations for dreams in which you see your wife cheating on you, but the truth is that it could really refer to anything from a current problem you have in your marriage, to an unresolved situation from your childhood. The simplest way to determine the meaning of a dream is to look at what else is happening within it and your feelings about it. If in the dream he cheats on you and you are happy or indifferent, then there is probably nothing wrong with your marriage or relationship with your wife. If there is something wrong with any of these things, then it could be that…

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    Dreaming of being cheated by husband

    Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you can be a warning from your subconscious that something is wrong with your relationship. It could be that your partner is cheating on you emotionally or that he has a physical relationship with another person. When we dream that our husbands are cheating on us, we can feel sad, angry and betrayed but this does not mean that our marriage will end. Dreams are not always prophetic; they are simply messages from our subconscious. The interpretation of the dream depends on the feelings you felt when you did it and what happened when you woke up. Dreaming that your husband is cheating…

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    Dreaming of dancing

    Dreams where you dream of dancing may reflect real experiences or a deeper manifestation of your relationships in real life. For example, if you dream of dancing alone, you may feel alone and yet empowered by your unique identity. If you dance in a dream, it symbolizes earning. It is possible that you will give a chance to a person who is very important, but who you will not like from the start. Dreaming of dancing with someone Maybe it shows you the fact that you feel alone or maybe you need to have someone by your side. Dreaming of dancing with a man, a boy, a girl can indicate…

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    Dream of being chased

    Dreaming of being chased and dreaming of running away or fleeing from something or someone is a fairly common theme. The typical scenario presents being chased by a pursuing entity, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to harm us or perhaps kill us. As a result, we run, hide or try to outsmart our pursuer. Dreaming of running away from someone it could have both a positive and a negative value, just ask yourself if we want to be caught or not. Often women dream of running away from someone who scares them, this prompts you to wonder if you have problems with the male sex…

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    Dream of being naked

    Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked (in underwear or without pants to be clear) is a dream, or for some a nightmare, very common.Often, when you realize that you are naked in a dream, no one seems to notice. In this case it means that your fears are unfounded, no one will notice them except you. Dreaming of being proud of your nakedness Show no embarrassment or shame, it symbolizes your unconditional freedom. You have nothing to hide and you are proud of who you are. The dream is of a new sense of honesty, transparency, and a carefree nature. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you want…

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    Dreaming of graduation or university exams?

    We have seen that exam dreams are recurrent especially in people who have a very developed sense of self-criticism: they self-examine, they self-judge, and are very strict with themselves; nothing is forgiven. They are afraid that others will also judge them with the same severity that they exercise on themselves, so they are afraid of not being up to the situation, of being judged badly by others, of failing. They feel guilty and fear not to be loved if they fail to be successful, recognized, achieved. Furthermore, these dreams, like all those in which school memories are relived, also arise from the nostalgia of one’s youth, in which one did…

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    Dreaming of making love or sex

    Dreaming of making love is often a pleasant experience, but when you wake up you may be somewhat disconcerted; this depends above all on the identity of your sexual partner in the dream: it can be someone you are really attracted to; or maybe someone you don’t like at all in real life. Maybe he is a friend of yours, or someone of the same sex as you, and it amazes and upsets you. You reach the maximum disturbance when you dream of having sex with a relative or family member, or dreams of violent and extreme content, which in all probability when you wake up will deeply disgust you.…

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    Dreaming of being cheated by girlfriend or boyfriend

    See Also: Dreaming of being cheated by husband See Also: Dreaming of being cheated by wife Are these dreams really just dreams? If you feel guilty about dreams in which you have cheated, stop tormenting yourself immediately; you are not responsible for your dreams; if you love your partner and you know you would never cheat on him, you have nothing to blame yourself for; dreaming of cheating is as common for men as it is for women; even the most faithful wife or husband can dream of having a lover; even the most in love boyfriend in the world, or your girlfriend who would never cheat on you even…

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    Dreaming of the ex boyfriend or the ex girlfriend

    Sometimes they come back…. Sooner or later in dreams your ex or your ex will come back to show up, that’s for sure. Dreaming of the ex boyfriend / girlfriend awakens dormant emotions, moods that you had forgotten; multiple memories are reworked and returned to consciousness. The dream can happen in the immediacy of the breakup, even if it was you who terminated the relationship. Meaning of your ex in dreams You still have feelings for your ex: it is an interpretation that is all too obvious, but almost never true. Almost! 🙂 There are many other meanings, as you will see as you read on. It is romantic to…

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