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    Dreaming of the fog

    The fog in dreams leads to the emergence of new possibilities, to ideas and sensations that are germinating, to letting oneself be guided by an inner thrust, trusting in oneself and in one’s abilities. to reveal an aspect of creative elaboration, the expectation of a result, hope. Dreaming of getting lost in the fog It is a dream of distress that reflects a state of doubt and lack of clarity about a situation or a relationship. The dreamer feels “lost”, lost in something that he does not fully understand: feelings that we suck in, a sexual passion, or depression, emotions that invade him and that he is unable to rationalize.…

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    Dreaming of mud

    Among the most disturbing and violent dreams, a place of absolute importance deserves to dream of mud.Let’s start immediately with a certainty, namely that mud is linked to a strong symbolic value that comes from being an element of the earth.Mud is inherently unstable, dangerous and able to change into ever-changing forms.Dreaming of mud, in fact, is always an event that leaves a sad and gloomy feeling. At first glance, mud can be interpreted as something that hinders us and that, therefore, our unconscious connects to a specific condition of life. If, then, in the dream, we walk in the mud, it represents the great difficulty we are doing to…

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    Dreaming of the clouds

    Clouds can generally announce the time to come, so when they appear in dreams they can play a similar role. They could herald a period of calm and tranquility, or cause fear of stormy times. Clouds in dreams can also represent a person with his head in the clouds, with vague and unproductive thoughts. Dreaming white and light clouds It connects to the ephemeral and the passenger especially if the clouds move in the sky and can indicate a fleeting state of being, emotions destined to pass and not to be taken too seriously, but it can also refer to the imagination and the need to space with the mind…

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    Dreaming of the sun

    Dreams of the sun have been associated with achieving success. So seeing the sun in your dream is an indicator of enlightenment, peace of mind, goodwill, peace of mind and luck. The sun brings out divine power and radiant energy, making it a good omen in your life, especially if it is a shining sun Psychologically, the sun is a male symbol of the intellect and the conscious mind. It can also be a reflection of the true self and therefore portray intelligence as an entity separate from intuition. Hence, a hot, scorching sun is a representation of his intellectual powers that could dominate his psyche and endanger his emotional…

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    Dream about the wind

    Its power to mess things up immediately makes us think that it symbolizes a change taking place in our life and in fact most people tend to interpret a similar dream image in this way.In practice, the wind would be the introduction to a period of upheaval, such as to literally revolutionize our life, a signal from the psyche to try not to be caught unprepared for an event of this kind. Dreaming of a wind storm at the end of which the quiet returns, probably announces a change in progress, or strong emotions of a sentimental nature, which are felt by the psyche and transformed into dream images. Dreaming…

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    Dreaming of the snow

    When the temperature drops to minimum levels and snow forms, the human soul has always rejoiced and scared. Snow, symbol of a natural prodigy that can bring hours of joy and fun as well as death and despair, is a very specific event, which alludes to a transition and a transformation. It is a dream that some have recurrently, especially in the deepest hours of sleep, when the unconscious has more freedom to emerge and gives rise to overlapping dense of meaning. Moving in the snow is difficult and dangerous: thus, dreaming of snow is typical of depressed people. The image of the avalanche that comes off and overwhelms the…

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    Dreaming of the rain

    Dreaming of rain has basically two meanings, a positive one linked to purity and regeneration and a negative one associated with a symbol of sadness, loneliness and personal crisis. Positive aspect: rain cleans the atmosphere and makes it more breathable, cooling temperatures especially in summer. But rain is water and water is needed for plants to grow and survive as well as for us human beings who are 70% made up of water. Therefore, when you dream that it is raining you must always think of a moment in your life when it is necessary to regenerate, renew yourself, find those energies useful to move forward. The dream can be…

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