Colors properties

What is the meaning of colors? What can make a person prefer one color rather than another? The color more akin to one’s tastes or the more distant one can reveal different aspects of your character. Furthermore, the predilection for a certain color can correspond to a very specific state of mind or moment of a person’s life. Even the temperament of an individual can be revealed by the choice of a color as well as the attitudes and character.

When asked what our favorite color is, the answer very often corresponds to different aspects of our personality. For this reason chromotherapy can help us in the search for our well-being.

Many studies, in fact, have shown that our mood, as well as appetite and even blood pressure and some metabolic functions of our body are influenced by colors. Precisely for this reason, we should pay close attention to the colors we surround ourselves with but also to the colors of what we eat.

In fact, a particular diet consisting of pigmented fruits with the five main colors has been proposed for several years. All this in order to have a diet that we can take ample benefits for our physical and emotional well-being. On this page, therefore, we will try to understand what our personality is according to our favorite color.