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Dream about fish

Fish in dreams generally represent the forces of the unconscious and therefore of personality changes after careful and prolonged introspection. However, there is no need to worry, dreaming of fish refers to events of little importance and that will not affect your future in the least.

Dreaming of having a fish or a fish in your hands

You must be very careful because this dream warns you that an excellent opportunity will slip through your fingers. This moment can be very important to you and you are letting it go. This affects the progress of your projects.

Dreaming of going fishing

This dream is linked to all your energy and the economy. If you can fish a lot, you will have plenty, but if it’s the other way around, it means you won’t be successful at what you set out to do.

Dreaming of fish attacking you

You have been very tense lately and feel pressured for everyday matters. You don’t have many tools to defend yourself against these situations. It is a defeatist attitude that shows itself in the face of the reality that is being lived

Dreaming of fish swimming in water

dreaming of many beautiful healthy, live fish swimming in clear and clean waters represents the excellent conditions of your physical and mental health, the richness and beauty of your inner world, which abounds in resources. Maybe in the dream you swim with them, feeling a sense of bliss; or you see them while you are by the sea, close to your feet. If a fish talks to you, listen to what he says, it could be an important message, even if at the moment it doesn’t seem like it makes sense.

  • Dreaming of fish in the sea: saltwater (sea) fish occur more rarely in dreams than freshwater fish, but they have an important meaning. The sea represents your unconscious, and seeing fish swimming in the sea water indicates that you are exploring yourself; fish are ideas and intuitions that populate your inner world; they are difficult to see precisely because they live deep inside. Also take into account the sea conditions in your dream; is it calm, clean, quiet, or dirty, rough and choppy?
  • Dreaming of freshwater fish: freshwater fish (lakes, rivers) live in shallow water; they can represent ideas of the pre-conscious, indefinite and imprecise, but more accessible.
  • Dreaming of fish in the aquarium: usually in the dream you see a large aquarium inside your house, in which fish swim; this indicates that you observe and investigate your emotions and try to keep them in check. If the water is clean and the fish are doing well, it is a good sign. If you identify with fish, this could indicate that you feel trapped, observed, controlled, have little privacy; perhaps you also feel isolated from the world.
  • Dreaming of fish swimming in a school – you are in harmony with your fellow men, with your belonging group.
  • Dreaming of fish swimming in the toilet, in the bathtub – some issues are becoming pressing better to address them as soon as possible, because they are invading your intimacy.

Dream of a big fish

The appearance of large fish in dreams heralds financial success.

Dreaming of a sea fish

It is a bad sign. You have a kind of negative feeling that continues to haunt you.

Dreaming of a dead fish

This dream warns you that a concern is soon lurking. Be careful because it will be difficult to deal with the problem. But, the dead fish dream also has a positive meaning. It is an exhortation to be kinder to others and not to worry about trivial matters.

Dream of a goldfish

In fairy tales, a goldfish fulfilled three wishes. In dreams it has a somewhat similar symbolism: it predicts the fulfillment of your hopes.

Dreaming of a fish jumping above the surface of the water

It is a warning. Be careful! Someone very wealthy and influential may be plotting against you.

Dream of a flying fish

Such a dream is interpreted as a problem with colleagues or one that shows up towards the end of the day.

Dreaming of catching small fish

It portends dissatisfaction or annoyance.

Dreaming of buying fish

There may be false rumors about you. Pay attention to people you trust.

Dreaming of fishing

A dream about catching fish has both positive and negative meanings. It informs you that a loved one will deceive you, but this dream can also be the announcement that, finally, you will find a mental balance and you will be successful in your private and professional life.

Dreaming of a smoked fish

Dreaming of a smoked fish is a sign that you will complete all the tasks you have set for yourself and no obstacles will be insurmountable for you.

Dreaming of a dried fish

It is a bad sign. This dream foreshadows conflicts in the family.

To dream of a fried fish

In dreams, it symbolizes dissatisfaction with people you previously considered friends.

Dreaming of raw fish

The appearance of raw fish in a dream informs us that in our life there will be opportunities to easily establish friendships, which however will not be lasting.

Dreaming of catching a big fish

You will get a good deal that will bring you a lot of profits. You will also get respect from friends and colleagues.

Dreaming of eating fish

In the case of women, the dream means that they will have an easy and painless birth. In men, it symbolizes success with women. Dreaming of eating fish can also herald a big lottery win.