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Dream about insects

Tradition associates dreaming of insects with the prediction of inheritance due to the sudden disappearance of a relative. Probably a stroke of luck will make us change our standard of living, it can also be a game win or a new work project.

Insects represent annoying children or siblings that the dreamer feels jealous of. There is also too much severity towards others considering them to be inferior beings.

For women it is a favorable dream, they will in fact be more valued by their men and will spend pleasant periods of company and happiness with them. If the dreamer is sick: healing is near. If he is a student: the tests will be passed brilliantly.

Dreaming of flying insects

it means feeling guilty, having remorse.

Other dreams with insects:

  • Insect repellent: gold and silver in abundance.
  • Insects in the house: consider the feelings of others more.
  • House overrun: too many judgments behind us.
  • Killing insects: earnings.
  • Killing them with insecticide or poison: solution of a mystery.

Dreaming of so many insects

The dream can be caused by an anxious state of mind; it could be a momentary condition, dictated by a concern for what is happening at this stage of your life; or it could be a constant of your character; if you are the anxious type, it is possible that bugs become a recurring dream (or nightmare) for you.

Dreaming of so many insects in the bed

Sometimes it is a very vivid dream, which seems real: you also hear the buzz of the insect flying overhead, or you hear it walking on the blankets, on your body, etc.
This ‘dream’ is more like a hallucination, and in fact you can continue to see insects even with your eyes open, while ‘awake’. obviously there are no insects, but it is not a simple dream; it is a hallucination characteristic of waking up or falling asleep, which is why it can be so vivid. Don’t worry, it’s a phenomenon that happens to many people

Dreaming of biting insects

Insect bites can represent provocations, ferocious comments, harassment, insults that have greatly hurt your sensitivity, which have made you vulnerable.

Dreaming of eating an insect

A dream that can denote annoyance for something unpleasant that you try to accept, to swallow.

  • Dreaming of food with insects inside – it can represent mortification, corruption, failure, guilt, mishaps and obstacles.
  • Dreaming of accidentally swallowing an insect can indicate that you need to be careful not to keep your mouth too open, that is, not to chat nonsense, to think before speaking.
  • Spitting or throwing up the insect is definitely positive, because you get rid of something unpleasant and that you shouldn’t assimilate

Dreaming of killing insects or dead insects

Dreaming of killing, killing, crushing or chasing away insects is generally positive, because it shows that you are capable of reacting to difficulties; if the insects do not die, this could indicate that, even if you want to, your action is not effective, you are unable to eradicate certain ideas.
Sometimes dead insects in the dream can represent infertility, sexual problems, high-risk pregnancy, an unconventional period.