Interpretation,  Weathering

Dream about the wind

Its power to mess things up immediately makes us think that it symbolizes a change taking place in our life and in fact most people tend to interpret a similar dream image in this way.
In practice, the wind would be the introduction to a period of upheaval, such as to literally revolutionize our life, a signal from the psyche to try not to be caught unprepared for an event of this kind.

Dreaming of a wind storm

at the end of which the quiet returns, probably announces a change in progress, or strong emotions of a sentimental nature, which are felt by the psyche and transformed into dream images.

Dreaming of a strong wind

represents in turn the beginning of a change that can ultimately upset our life, a change that could be related to both love and professional life. In this case, the feelings of the dreamer can determine the strength of the atmospheric event. Just as being against the wind can mean the desire for change despite the adversities encountered along the way, overcoming the force of the wind.

Dreaming of a strong wind that sweeps away

Is interpreted as an unwanted change, felt as a sort of constriction. In practice, the dreamer feels at the mercy of events and therefore transported towards a certain direction, which one would like to avoid, considering it clearly dangerous.

Dreaming of a storm of wind and rain

Is finally considered an ominous sign. That is, the dreamer would be experiencing a very contrasted period, in which negative events exceed those of the opposite sign. All this therefore causes a strong disturbance in the person concerned, up to a state of confusion.

Dreaming of wind outside the house

Indicates the dreamer’s fear of what happens outside the protection of the home and family, but also something objective that is happening in her life and that can change her security.
It is not necessarily a negative image, it often only highlights the ideas of others, experiences and possibilities that can influence the dreamer.

Dreaming of ice cold wind

It is connected to similar sensations, to unpleasant events that perhaps have struck the dreamer, to the emptiness that is created around him, to loneliness, lack of love, to the difficulties he is facing.

Dreaming of hot wind

The warm wind in dreams indicates the emotional and sentimental closeness and also the warmth of sexual desire, the vital breath of one’s energy that makes one feel satisfied and the transmission of ideas that comfort and support the dreamer.

Dreaming of wind in the trees

when the wind is gentle and the sensations are of pleasure, the dream reflects the dreamer’s movement of ideas that lead him to change (“change in the air”).

If the wind is strong and bends the treetops it can refer to everything that forces the dreamer, that subjects him, by which he feels unfavorably conditioned.

Dreaming of wind on the grass

It reflects imperceptible transformations that shake the dreamer’s certainties, but also the vital breath that moves him or the impulses to act in a different way that stimulate and encourage, the tension towards the spirit.

They can be new thoughts and ideas that come from other people, but that fascinate and strike. Often this image gives a feeling of peace and confirms the dreamer in the direction taken.

Dreaming of a wind that whistles and howls

According to popular tradition it is a symbol of bad news and even in the present it is a sort of signal of what is foretold to the dreamer and who tries to reach him.

They can also be obsessive thoughts and worries.

Dreaming of wind on the sea

It is a symbol of the vital or spiritual energy that moves the dreamer, who knows how to reach him in depth that has a great impact on him.

The force of the wind on the sea will indicate difficulties or positive aspects: new aspects to be experienced and with which to confront or fear of changing and expressing one’s emotions