Family,  Interpretation

Dream about uncles or aunts

Uncles are certainly among the closest parental figures, with whom we often share most of our childhood memories. Times change, and with them also our concept of family, understood as a home in which to relax spiritually and be oneself; only a few decades ago, especially in the less industrialized areas of our country, the term family had a greater collective value than today, where the uncles played a decisive role in the growth of the new arrivals.

Uncle refers to the fear of not being able to dominate one’s life and therefore the need to always ask for advice from others, especially when making decisions. Dreaming of an uncle is almost a form of substitute consciousness. It represents either the ability to choose between right and wrong or it can reflect poor decision making.

Dreaming of aunts or uncles is a sign of good news.
According to some interpretations it is a sign of financial and material prosperity. Dreaming of an uncle can refer, according to others, to some problems that are being experienced in a relationship, and these can lead to a temporary estrangement. If you have dreamed of an uncle, perhaps you need more respect or attention from a father figure. Maybe you don’t have a prominent male role model. If the dreamed uncle is an unknown person, the dream portends possible deceitful actions by strangers.

Dreaming of dead uncles

Death would be a warning of a sudden change, the end and death of some elements as a prelude to the new; in this case it is probable to find, in the dreamer’s life, a sudden change in his attitudes towards his closest relatives due to needs of various kinds.

Dreaming of smiling uncles

It is the most typical expression that implies a considerable pacification with one’s internal emotional disagreements; the uncles, emblems of family values, with their smile express the personal satisfaction of the dreamer in respecting his own internal behavioral norms.

Dreaming of arguing with uncles

In this case, on the contrary, the internal ethical quarrel has taken an opposite turn; the different vicissitudes of life have forced the dreamer to question his own system of values, perhaps due to personal growth or maturation, so the quarrel would express the cash moving away from them.