Dream about wedding dress

Many people mistakenly look at the meaning of the dream of a wedding dress with something strictly related to marriage. While a normal women’s dress in a dream symbolizes femininity, a wedding dress indicates much more, so it is important to look for all possible meanings.

Dreaming of wearing a wedding dress

In a dream, especially if during a wedding, indicates that you are evaluating the relationship with your partner and everything that has been built together up to this moment. In general, however, the context of the dream is not very important, it does not symbolize marriage, rather it usually refers to a desire to explore oneself and the consistency of one’s beliefs and ideas. According to some interpretations, dreaming of a wedding dress foreshadows new and exciting experiences. You can meet people who will become esteemed friends.

Dreaming a dirty wedding dress

Indicates an argument with a friend and the possible loss of that friendship

Other possible interpretations are that if the attention of the dreamer, in this case of the dreamer, perhaps during a wedding, is completely directed towards the wedding dress, then it can indicate envy towards the wearer. If this person wears a wedding dress outside the normal context where wedding dresses are normally worn, she expresses a sense of inferiority. Conversely, wearing it outside of a normal context is very likely that you are putting yourself on a pedestal or that you have too high a consideration of yourself.

A fundamental part of the wedding dress is the wedding veil

Dream about the wedding veil

  • Dreaming of a snow-white veil indicates the near non-negative future
  • Dreaming of mud on the veil portends gossip spread by envious people. Furthermore, this dream is unfavorable if you have already married as for married women it is an omen of family quarrels; for men it portends doubt about his wife or girlfriend.
  • Dreaming of a black veil is an extremely negative sign, heralding the death of your spouse.