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Dream of an angel

Dreaming of an angel symbolizes goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation.

Angels can also represent your vision of a person or situation that you consider to be the perfect solution to a problem.

An angel reflects a wonderful situation in your life that relieves you of burdens or spares you from difficulties. It also indicates a situation where you feel blessed, grateful, or happy.

An angel can also symbolize a partner, girlfriend, or spouse that you think is perfect.

Angels often appear in the dreams of people who have had a strong spiritual experience or a renewed interest in their beliefs because it reflects the sense of security, belonging or “safe haven” that comes from these experiences.

Dreaming of a person you know with angel wings represents some aspects of your personality that make you feel safer or free from difficult situations.

Dreaming of talking to angels

If you dream that you are talking to an angel, try to remember the content of that conversation because it can mean many things. You may have received advice that you should follow.

Dreaming of flying with angels

Flying with angels in a dream has positive connotations. The interpretation is read as a recognition that you will soon receive for your efforts and the efforts you have invested in any business. see also Dreaming of Flying

People will recognize your skills and your colleagues will praise you for your outstanding work.

It could also mean that you will gain great respect and credibility in your social circle. People will not only praise you, but they will admire and respect you, even in your absence.

This dream is a positive indicator that you need to keep your efforts consistent and your upbeat attitude to reach your destination.

Dream of three angels

This dream is a call to be divine, complete and harmonious. This is the triad or trinity of life that you need to enhance the meaning of your existence.

Dreaming of so many angels

Seeing many angels in a dream represents spiritual strength, heavenly intervention and happiness. This is a sign that the kingdom of heaven provides you with all the protection you need to achieve a goal in life.

Dream of an angel with white wings

Seeing an angel with white wings in a dream is a symbol of purity, peace and rejuvenation. In fact, it symbolizes your concern with worldly things, thus neglecting your spiritual side by not paying attention to it.

Your soul feels anxious about the lack of peace and tranquility in your life that makes you look for ways to reduce emotional stress and exhaustion.

Your conscience forces you to take a break from the daily grind and take steps to satisfy your soul.

Dreaming of a dark angel

This dream is about the uncertainties you face in life. As such, you are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression.

The dream encourages you to rely on your intuition and instinct to expel all feelings of doubt from your life.

Dream of an angel with colored wings

Dreaming of an angel with colored wings has positive connotations. The dream represents that you are a playful person at heart, you approach things lightly and rarely give way to negative or harmful thoughts in your mind. See also Color properties

You have a childlike nature that makes you live life easily and joyfully, with no unwanted burdens or stresses in life.

An angel with colored wings in your dream also symbolizes that you will soon be promoted in your professional life or you will experience the beginning of a new relationship.

Dream of an angel with black wings

An angel with black wings in a dream is a disturbing sign. The dream symbolizes that you need protection and safety from negative energies that are trying to cause disturbances in your life.

Your moral values ​​are compromised due to your excessive involvement in world events, accompanied by your willingness to participate in unethical acts.

The dream serves as a warning sign about your actions and you should strictly adhere to your moral and ethical values ​​if you want to prevent yourself from clouding your spiritual self or straying from the right path.

Dream of a smiling angel

This dream is an indication that your romantic relationship will flourish. You will have fun with your partner. Also, this dream means that you and your partner are very compatible.

Dream of an angel with a sword

The sword is an object of war. When an angel appears in your dream like this, it encourages you to engage in a spiritual battle with your slanderers.

Don’t let the challenges in your life drain your spiritual beliefs and values.