Danger,  Interpretation,  Situation

Dream of being chased

Dreaming of being chased and dreaming of running away or fleeing from something or someone is a fairly common theme. The typical scenario presents being chased by a pursuing entity, an animal, a monster or an unknown figure, who wants to harm us or perhaps kill us. As a result, we run, hide or try to outsmart our pursuer.

Dreaming of running away from someone

it could have both a positive and a negative value, just ask yourself if we want to be caught or not. Often women dream of running away from someone who scares them, this prompts you to wonder if you have problems with the male sex and the world of sexuality

Dreaming of being kidnapped and running away

In the world of dreams it reflects our desire to free ourselves from a situation or a person that gives you a sense of oppression, therefore, running away brings you back to your freedom.

Dreaming of running away from someone who wants to kill me

Reflects your state of mind towards something or someone who is repressing your personality and your freedom, so much so that you are afraid of completely annihilating yourself, reflect on people with whom you do not feel yourself or on some situation you are living in which you don’t feel you can express yourself however you want.

Dreaming of escaping and hiding

Represents the fact that you want to hide something about yourself or something you usually do in someone’s eyes or maybe you are afraid to appear for what you are.In other cases this type of dream may simply reflect your physical and mental fatigue and therefore your desire to hide and stay away from everything for a while.

Dreaming of running away from marriage

It certainly reflects the daily problems of married life from which at times one would like to escape, in other cases it is precisely the fear, the uncertainty of undertaking this type of path.