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Dream of being naked

Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked (in underwear or without pants to be clear) is a dream, or for some a nightmare, very common.
Often, when you realize that you are naked in a dream, no one seems to notice. In this case it means that your fears are unfounded, no one will notice them except you.

Dreaming of being proud of your nakedness

Show no embarrassment or shame, it symbolizes your unconditional freedom. You have nothing to hide and you are proud of who you are. The dream is of a new sense of honesty, transparency, and a carefree nature. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you want to get noticed, but are doing it the wrong way

dreaming of being naked at school or at work

Being naked at school or at work especially during a meeting or an exam is an indication of unpreparedness, you are exposed without having the ability to face the situation. Indicates a period or a situation in which you are judged knowing that you are not up to it.

Dreaming of being naked in front of an audience

Dreaming of yourself naked in a street or in front of an audience that does not necessarily expect something, indicates the fear of losing something, an economic problem or an extreme vulnerability of the dreamer; sometimes it is instead an indicator of freedom, a desire to show oneself as one really is and not as it is imposed.

Dreaming of being naked in public and feeling embarrassed

This dream may indicate that you feel vulnerable, inferior, inadequate, not up to the social role you have to play, excluded from the social environment you would like to be part of. The embarrassment, however, can also depend on the fact that you do not accept your body, you are dissatisfied with your physical appearance. The fact that people do not notice your nakedness indicates that all in all your worries are excessive; what you feel ashamed of isn’t really that important to others.

  • Dreaming of being naked in front of a man / woman – this can indicate a sense of inferiority and inadequacy in front of this person; or it can indicate affection and predilection for her, or for another person that she reminds us of, and which is often to be found in our childhood
  • Dreaming of being naked in front of many men denotes an awakening of one’s sex appeal, or the need to ‘get naked’, to be more open in relationships.
  • Dreaming of a naked man / a naked woman – seeing naked people can indicate a sexual desire towards them, or the desire to know them better, to understand them more, to deepen the bond. Keep this in mind when you dream about naked people, or when you are being dreamed about naked by someone else.