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Dream of the devil, Satan

The meaning of the devil in dreams is linked to the negativity that this figure had and has for the Catholic religion. Dreaming of the devil generally means that someone close to us has the ability to dominate us.

The devil also represents our unconscious which we don’t want to hear or accept.

He can also represent a considered friend with such a strong personality as to deeply influence the behavior of the dreamer both for good and for bad.

The figure of the devil is also linked to sexuality and changes.

Devil tempter or deceiver: betrayal of a woman
Devil taking away the one who dreams: madness.
Devil with horns: infidelity, worry.
Fighting the Devil: Danger.
Being possessed by the Devil: a peaceful life as a couple.
Being chased by the Devil: legal problems.
Winning against the Devil in a Dream: Success.

Dreaming of being possessed by the devil, of fighting with the devil

The dream can represent the strength of what is inside you and that is struggling to emerge; your repressed impulses, but well alive and present, just waiting to be reintegrated into your life. The dream can end with you being able to drive out the devil or kill him; but you still have to love yourself more, including the less beautiful sides of your personality: the ‘devil’ must be loved, not repressed or fought; it is precisely in this way that you will be able to win it. Dreaming of being possessed by the devil can also represent a strong insecurity and loss of control of one’s life, perhaps caused by a childhood trauma that you have removed from your memory.

Dreaming of children possessed by the devil

Frequent in dreams is the encounter with children or babies possessed by the devil. They are threatening and disturbing presences, they want to hurt you and kill you. The child in dreams represents your ‘inner child’, which is the most spontaneous, natural and instinctive part of your personality; seeing him possessed indicates that you do not have a good relationship with your ‘inner child’; there is something you don’t like about your character; instead, you must learn to love and reintegrate all sides of your personality into your life.

Dreaming of becoming the devil

Dreaming of turning into the Devil could depend on the need to vent your repressed anger; it could also be a way to gain power and transgress moral duties. Also in this case, the dream probably means to tell you that you need to loosen certain ‘valves’, to let out parts of you that are in the shade.

Dreaming good devil

Dreaming of a good devil, or of being a friend of the devil, of shaking his hand, etc. it can indicate that you are easily influenced and manipulated. Beware of those who approach you, they could have ulterior motives and exploit your weaknesses.