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Dreaming a lion

The lion represents the dreamer and everything that has not been tamed and that must be appeased in him: strength, will, passion and power.
It could also represent a figure, usually male, of a strong and courageous person that the dreamer will meet, or is already present in his life.

In the sexual sphere, the lion can indicate an excess of aggression, with the negative consequence that people of the other sex move away out of fear

Dreaming aggressive lions

it could represent the fears and doubts you feel when faced with the agitations of the unconscious. It could also warn that in the environment in which you live or work there are setbacks or hostilities or enmities. This dream could also make you fear a danger, therefore you are invited to be careful.

Fighting with lions in dreams

Fighting with lions in dreams could signal that you are experiencing an uneventful period, full of anxiety, problems or worries.

Dreaming of being chased by a lion

Dreaming of being chased by a lion it could represent that you feel haunted by a problem, a concern or a thought that disturbs or haunts you or, that you would like to run away from something, from some responsibility or some thought or problem. See also Dreaming of and being chased

Killing a lion in dreams

Killing a lion in dreams could mean that you will be able to defeat your animalistic and / or brutal instincts, or the negative sides of your personality.

Dreaming of lion cubs

Cubs of any breed or species represent children or children, they could signal immaturity or the childish side of your personality. Or, like children, you need care and affection

Dreaming a chained lion

or dreaming of seeing a lion in a cage, reveals that you probably feel limited in freedom, like in a cage. He might also mean that you can master your animal instincts.

Dreaming of catching a lion

could mean that you can control your instincts. According to some interpretations, it is a harbinger of dangers in sight or sorrow