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Dreaming of a tiger

Dreaming of a tiger represents all the dangerous passions by which we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed without being able to dominate ourselves anymore.

The tiger also represents in oneiromancy the furious, angry and jealous enemy. Hitting it is therefore equivalent to success; to kill her, to a complete triumph, to the elimination of any obstacle to luck.

Dreaming of being a tiger

It means discovering within oneself the characteristics of the tiger, coming into contact with the disowned selves that are associated with these characteristics, with the instinctive drives that have perhaps been repressed.

Being a tiger in dreams generally has a positive meaning and can indicate the need to show courage (we use to say “it’s a tiger” of a brave and strong person) and to know how to defend oneself.

But it can happen that this image signals the dreamer’s too aggressive and threatening behaviors.

Dreaming of being chased by a tiger

it represents the strength of a disowned self that is going back to consciousness and that the dreamer “recurs”, that is, he asks for his attention, because it brings characteristics that he needs to face his life.

The more the dreamer is meek, reserved, renouncing and fearful of others, the easier it is for a dream of this kind to arise. The unconscious indicates that the dreamer possesses the same qualities that in reality frighten him and make him flee and indicates the need instead to face them, to face his “inner tiger”.

Dreaming of a tiger biting you

it is the first contact with the violent energy of the tiger, the more one escapes from these instincts of wild and uncontrolled aggression, the more aggression and ferocity are accentuated.

Biting the dreamer means getting his attention, focusing him on the problem of an anger that can no longer be ignored, because it becomes self-destructive.

Dreaming of a tiger attacking a man

indicates strength and aggression in action around oneself. It is possible that the dreamer himself feels the victim of a ferocious aggression, or that the dream signals a situation of possible violence to which he must pay attention.

Dreaming of a trapped tiger

represents the tiger within himself whose energy is repressed and enclosed in the unconscious. It is a way to begin to become aware of his strength and his needs.

Dreaming of a talking tiger

it will be interesting to know what the tiger says, his words will be an important message. But even if they are incomprehensible, the dream highlights a communication between the conscious and the unconscious that can only be positive.

Dreaming of a tiger running away

it represents the domination of conscience in the face of instinct or, on an objective level, the renunciation of showing one’s power, one’s strength.

Dreaming of a sleeping tiger

the unconscious shows the dreamer what is latent within him. It is an image of awareness, of becoming aware of what can “awaken” and the need to know the “tiger” well in order to have his energy at your service

Dreaming of a tiger cub

it shows a part of himself that is developing or a nearby child (perhaps his own child) who already has some “tiger” qualities in him (positive or negative).

Dreaming of a tiger with her cub

it typically alludes to maternal or paternal protection that can become ferocious when someone threatens her little one. It can indicate someone close or the need to bring out these very strong defensive and protective qualities within oneself.

Dreaming of killing a tiger

it can be connected to a victory, a result obtained by “fighting” against opponents or adverse situations, indicate an inner struggle, the victory of thought and reasoning against instinctive impulses and desires considered illicit or against any expression of anger and rage.

Dreaming of a dead tiger

It shows the supremacy of the controlled, integrated, rational aspects of oneself against the more instinctive and savage part.

Dreaming of a good tiger in the house

it generally indicates a feminine and protective presence (the mother, the wife) or an aspect of oneself known and at one’s service.

Dreaming of a tiger in the bed

it can refer to a sexual energy that must be expressed, or it can indicate a real partner with an aggressive sensuality or engaging and intense (wild) sexual relations.

The tiger is said to be a “man eater” and this expression is also used to designate a woman with a voracious sexual appetite. Dreaming of the tiger can then indicate an explosive sexuality.

Dreaming of a white tiger

The white tiger’s coat is a device of the unconscious to attenuate the strongest characteristics of the symbol, those that can worry the conscience and therefore make it more acceptable and integrable by the dreamer.

A white and good tiger in dreams means having awareness of a force within oneself that one is capable of directing and from which one cannot be frightened.

Dreaming of a white tiger with blue eyes

The eyes further soften the symbolic meaning and bring attention to the need to see clearly, but also with indulgence.

Dreaming of a black tiger

This image intensifies the dark aspects of the symbol by showing the negative pole or the one that most frightens the conscience.