Fruit,  Interpretation

Dreaming of apples

It is one of the fruits that has the most symbolism when presented in a dream. It is accompanied by various interesting interpretations from every point of view. It is loaded with information elements of the various moments you are going through and which are captured in your subconscious.

It is generally known as the fruit of temptation or forbidden fruit. It symbolizes the need of those who dream to be aware and attentive to all the situations that surround them and not to fall into temptations that then lead them to repentance. The apple is also seen as a reflection of betrayal, due to the poisoning that the acquaintance in the story received from the hand of the evil witch.

Dreaming of red apples

The red apple is commonly associated with the temptation of the forbidden. Also, to the desires deep in the dreamer’s heart. It is the symbol of an erotic dream that reflects your feelings towards your partner or the attraction for a special being close to you, which you have not yet conquered. It is time to make this desire real within you.

Dreaming of yellow apples

It is a predictive dream, to warn you that in the next few days you will face a situation that will test you, both at work and in the interaction with your family. It is necessary to be prepared and overcome a hostile attitude in relation to or with a known subject.

Dreaming of green apples

When the color of the apple is green and has no relation to its maturity, it is a clear sign that hope reigns in your life and that soon an experience of renewal will arrive that will fill you with happiness and prosperity. If you were going through a bad time, it will be over in the short term, much to your joy.

Dreaming of blue apples

Seeing blue apples in your dream is a representation of the tendency to live outside of reality. It indicates that you should try to get out of your fantasy world and get carried away by unreal situations. If you see yourself eating a blue apple, you may be inclined to be fooled by a common occurrence, you will feel sad.

Dreaming of black apples

Seeing black apples in a dream is a sign of bad omens, you have to be careful of dangerous situations. It can relate to the health of a family member who is in a critical stage. If you bite into a black apple, it is the announcement of a serious illness or financial ruin on the horizon.

Dreaming of rotten apples

It is a dream that reflects a feeling of deep regret. If you look at yourself in a dream in front of several rotten apples, it can be a sign that you feel that you have done something wrong and that you consider it a sin. Internally you are not happy with what you have done, so you have to apologize or ask for forgiveness, to lighten your conscience.

Dreaming of apples on the ground

When in your dream you see several apples on the ground around a tree, if they are ripe and in good condition, it signals that you will soon have a good chance to progress and from which you can choose the one that suits you best. It is time for you to take advantage of this opportunity in your life.

Dreaming of apples full of worms

This type of sleep occurs when you don’t have a clear conscience. There is something pending that you have not been able to solve and you cannot even forget it. If the worms eat the apple, you may soon be faced with an unpleasant family conflict, possibly related to a division of hereditary property.

Dreaming of picking apples from a tree

This type of dream is a symbol of the fact that you are trying to best realize your projects. Collecting apples, in a dream, indicates that you are ready to accept the benefits of work done with commitment and dedication.

Dreaming of stealing an apple

If you have this particular dream, it is likely that you are looking for something or someone that it is not possible to bring into your life at the moment. What you want is unattainable or uncomfortable for you, and you find it provocative and tempting. But, you have to take care of yourself, it could lead to problems in your environment or with people who do not agree with your behavior.

Dreaming of giving apples

It is a beautiful dream that reflects your feelings of affection and love for your loved ones and for the people around you. It represents your desire to help the needy while protecting the weakest. If you give away the unfamiliar apple, it indicates the big heart that is selfless towards others.