Interpretation,  Macro

Dreaming of being in danger

It is generally believed that dreaming of being in danger hides a desire for protection. In fact, it may be that during the day we are insecure for some reason, and we would like to escape in the face of difficulties. Our desire is therefore to seek a safe place. And this is exactly what happens in the dream: someone chases us, and we can’t deal with it. The danger is too great, we must escape and find refuge.

So it’s nothing terrible, certainly not a harbinger of real future dangers. But it is a useful message: there is a difficult situation in life and we do not want to face it. We prefer to escape, but this is not the solution. Our subconscious is making us understand that instead of running away we should stop and take action to resolve this concern. Otherwise the dream will come back.

We therefore understood that if at night we dream of being in danger it is for this reason. A useful alarm bell that pushes us to face our problems, to start living better.