Danger,  Interpretation

Dreaming of being in prison

Prison is a symbol of repression, if you dream of being imprisoned you usually live in a situation of uncertainty and insecurity that deserves a pause for reflection.
Dreams about prison are dreams about meditation and solitude.

We feel imprisoned by the people who live next to us or perhaps we cannot free ourselves from the strong internal pressures and this prevents us from living peacefully. Our commitments are getting heavier day by day.

  • Being imprisoned for no reason (innocent): the life we ​​are leading is not in line with our moral principles, we are overwhelmed by feelings of guilt
  • See a prison: we know that we have behaved badly and we are waiting for a sentence that punishes our mistakes
  • Seeing prisoners: desire to punish and revenge those who have treated us badly
  • Escape from prison: betrayals
  • Get out of prison: the end of a great worry
  • In prison with strangers: possible change in work
  • Dreaming empty prison: omen of a disappointment for reasons unknown to us

Dreaming of being near a prison

If you had a dream, where you are near a prison, then this dream means that you will get in trouble because of your reckless behavior.

Maybe you will insult or hurt someone with your actions or words and this will cause a lot of drama in your life.

Dreaming of seeing a prison from afar

This dream represents problems, which you will be able to avoid in the next period.

Your communication skills and smart moves will help you stay out of trouble. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you use all your talents to stay on track and avoid problems.

Dream about someone close to you in prison

If you had a dream about someone you know being in prison, then it means that you will be there for this person in time of need.

This could be your family member or friend who will need your help and guidance.

Don’t ignore this cry for help and definitely be there for this person, because he or she will be there for you later in life.

Dreaming of avoiding prison

If you had a dream, where you have successfully avoided going to prison, then this dream is another positive sign for your investments and money related projects.

You should think of new ways to earn money and upgrade your business plans.

Dreaming of your boyfriend or girlfriend being in prison

If you have dreamed that your boyfriend is in prison, then maybe you will have some problems in your relationship.

If you’ve had any problems before, maybe they’ll come back and cause more drama in your life.

Dreaming of looking through a prison window

This dream represents your helplessness and inability to get out of the problems you are currently in. You feel that the freedom and the solution are at your fingertips, but you just can’t figure things out.

Try asking for advice or just sit back and think of a way to make things even better.

Dreaming of getting out of prison

If you had a dream of trying to get out of prison, it means that you have a desire to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

You feel like you are stuck and you have nowhere else to move.

It is putting pressure on you and making you uncomfortable, so the best thing to do is to finally gather strength and make significant changes in your life.

Dreaming of a family member in prison

If one of your family members was in prison, in your dream, this could be a manifestation of control you have over someone in your family.
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This person loves you and sees you as a role model, and you know what kind of influence you have on him.

Make sure you use this influence right and help that person get back on their feet.

Dreaming of freeing someone from prison

If you had a dream about freeing someone from prison, it means that you are having a hard time connecting with other people and this is really stressing you out.

Maybe you should find someone who has similar interests to you, so you can have something that binds you together.