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Dreaming of being in the hospital

dreaming of a hospital denotes the need for understanding on the part of those close to us.

If the hospital is full: health is booming, if empty, diseases are in sight.

Dreaming of being in the hospital reveals vulnerability and struggles, hidden pain and the need to be cared for and cared for, but it also shows the right time to deal with all of these and the willingness to do so.

Dreaming of being on a stretcher in the hospital

The meanings are always those related to the hospital and the need to take care, but the image of the dream indicates inconvenience, provisionality or a first phase of relief.

Perhaps the dreamer is experiencing the moment that precedes the full awareness of her need or does not yet know how to deal with it and what is the best way to resolve and heal.

Dreaming of the emergency room. Dreaming of an ambulance

They are metaphorical images of the need to be rescued and helped, generally they are linked to wounds received from others and to a pain that can no longer be endured.

They can have an objective meaning reflecting real experiences lived in the emergency room or their fears for the loved ones: fear of accidents, hope that they will be resolved with timely and effective rescue.

Dreaming of a private clinic

It can indicate the need for isolation and solitude, to feel enveloped in a muffled atmosphere that excludes responsibilities and commitments from everyday life. Need for withdrawal from life.

Dreaming of going to the hospital to give birth

It means seeking help to carry out one’s projects, seeking the resources and means that are lacking. Sometimes it reflects a lack of self-esteem, sometimes the awareness of one’s limitations combined with the desire not to give up and achieve what we set out to do.
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Dreaming of being in a psychiatric hospital

Perhaps the dreamer lives a situation of chaos and confusion inside or outside of himself or is surrounded by people he does not understand who use communication codes that he does not understand or that make him feel different

Dreaming of leaving the hospital

Indicates the resolution of a problem and the end of a phase that required attention and care.

Dreaming of going to see someone in the hospital

If the person in the hospital exists in reality the dream shows what the dreamer perceives about her: fragility, weakness, suffering. While if he is an unknown person, the dream refers to himself and to the part of himself that needs care. It will be interesting then the description that is made of the person hospitalized, the characteristics of him will reveal the aspects of the dreamer who are suffering and in need of care.

Dreaming of a dirty hospital

Reflects the adverse conditions in which the attempt to recover and solve a problem occurs, perhaps the dreamer is moving in the wrong way using inadequate resources or asking for help from the wrong people.

Dreaming of an old hospital

indicates an outdated approach to the problems or suffering that afflicts the dreamer.

Dreaming of a crowded hospital

It may indicate the annoyance for the presence of others at a time when one feels fragile and in need of relaxation and solitude

Dreaming of a flooded hospital

It refers to feelings and emotions that also condition moments of recovery and healing.

It can indicate pain, sadness, despair that overwhelm everything, that undermine the confidence and the will to heal and overcome the problem.