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Dreaming of being in the train station

Dreaming that you are in a train station shows that you may not be ready to move forward in a relationship or to commit. You have to overcome many obstacles to be successful. You’ve explored all your options and need to think outside the box. You need to regain some control and independence in your life. You have to think and possibly act.

Dreaming of being in a train station shows that some issues are clarified that restore order around you. Your mind needs to expand and cross other horizons. Accepting friends as they are is one of the accounts you have with yourself. You are worthy of the best in life, but you are rarely aware of it. The best thing is that you speak it, you don’t shut up and you do it from the sincerest of your heart.

Dreaming of a big train station

It alludes to great changes and challenging choices to make. It may reflect the need to take time, not to rush things, to explore every possibility.

Dreaming of a small train station

it can indicate decisions to be made that do not involve fundamental changes, or the feeling of having limited possibilities or having a only choice.

Dreaming of the waiting room of the train station

Dreaming of being in the hall or waiting room of a station alone or surrounded by many people, represents the phase that precedes a decision, the moment of processing and analyzing the available data that can flow into a change or a decision.

Even dreaming of consulting the timetables at the station indicates the need to reflect and choose, but it often happens that you are unable to read the destinations or timetables and that the writings appear confused, and this indicates the uncertainty of the dreamer and the lack of programming of the its goals, not being clear about what you want.

Dreaming of buying a ticket at the train station

It is equivalent to making a decision, it is the first action that indicates the will to change something in one’s own reality. It can also arise as a compensation dream or as an indication of the unconscious when the dreamer is passive and blocked by obstacles and fears.

Dreaming of a crowded train station

It is the symbol of the situation (internal or external) in which the dreamer finds himself making a choice. He can be confident and move easily among the people around him or feel intimidated and threatened by the crowd, and this will reflect his adaptability and confidence in making his decisions without being influenced or, on the contrary, the fear of being judged and the weight of the conditioning of others.

Dreaming of an unknown train station

It can indicate the lack of awareness of what has been achieved, the inability to evaluate one’s resources, possibilities and needs, but if the feelings that emerge are positive the dream will bring to the surface the ability to deal with the unknowns of life or the need to evaluate possibilities never explored.

Dreaming of train station blocked

It is a STOP symbol, an image of a similar block, perhaps it is not the right time to “leave” to make choices or the dreamer does not have the necessary qualities, maturity or resources.

Dreaming of getting lost in the train station

Indicates confusion, lack of clarity, ambiguity towards what you want. see also Dreaming of Getting Lost

Dreaming of losing the luggage at the train station

It means losing confidence and motivation. Faced with a path to start and a direction to take, one feels confused and lacking in strength, capacity, unsupported by anything or anyone.
It is a symbol of insecurity.

Dreaming of arriving late at the station

A very common dream situation linked to anxiety, apprehension, the fear of missing an opportunity or not being up to it.

But it can highlight a real neglect, slowness and inability to seize an opportunity and the importance of being active and timely.

Dreaming the subway station

Like all underground places it represents the unconscious and the need to dive deep inside oneself, but the movement of the subway cars that run in the dark and deep tunnels under the city, can indicate the search for meaning in the face of a moment of crisis, the evolution and elaboration of a moment of suffering and depression.

It means looking for the solution to something that is distressing.