Interpretation,  Macro

Dreaming of embarrassing situations

This very common dream can mean the refusal, on the part of the dreamer, to play the role that is imposed on him by social rules; the desire, therefore, to destroy his “facade”, the way he shows himself to others, the will to truly be himself. The dream can also reveal the desire to be less reserved, more open and sociable with a specific person or with a group. But there is also an opposite meaning: the fear of being laid bare, discovered in one’s lowest instincts, in the meanest intentions, in the least legitimate sexual desires, thus arousing the disapproval of others.

If you do not solve your problems, you will be haunted by dissatisfaction and worries. Also beware of enemies, they could spy on your moves

Dreams in which we see other people embarrassed or blushed when talking to us usually mean two things, one may be that some people around us are behaving hypocritically towards us, speaking badly behind our backs, so it is best to avoid any kind of relationship with people who generate a kind of distrust.