Danger,  Interpretation

Dreaming of falling

The dream of falling into the void is perhaps one of the most recurring dreams of individuals. In general, most people will have dreamed of a similar situation at least once.
It could very well be a warning of moments and attitudes that we must transform in ourselves to get up from such a fall, or to take on our defeats.

Dreaming of falling and waking up before impact

Dreaming of falling but waking up before the impact is perhaps the most common of these types of dream. In general they are related to the stressful and agitated situations in which we find ourselves today. We can find ourselves in the midst of situations that we cannot control and we are afraid of getting lost in them.

Dreaming of falling while driving a car

The dream of falling into the void while driving a car can be linked to certain insecurities that you may have about losing control of some important situations in your life. You may find yourself in situations where you have no chance to change now and this is leading to a loss of control of that scenario.

Dreaming of falling and dying

A dream like this is quite special, because not only do you feel that fall which is usually terrifying, but you also lose your life. But if you think about the meaning of life and death, you don’t have to worry, but rather be careful; in this case a transformation. See also Dreaming of dying

Both life and death represent the passage of new stages. It is precisely what helps us to advance into new stages of our life, which could be marked by so much joy and success.

Dreaming of falling from a skyscraper

Dreaming of falling from a skyscraper or a very tall building
Generally, buildings and skyscrapers represent the work environment of individuals, so if you dream of falling from one of them, it can be linked to your current job. On the one hand, it could be linked to a possible insecurity around the work in progress.

On the other hand, you may just want to leave that work environment and your subconscious has reflected it in such a dream. In this case, you may be in the process of deciding to make some changes to your job or looking for a different way to make money.

Dreaming of falling into an elevator

Here we have basically two very important situations, not just the fall in that elevator, but the simple fact of confinement itself. So we have two awkward and even scary situations. Both are related to rather complex emotional situations in which we are involved.

It is possible that we are in a situation that is creating many emotional conflicts where we do not know how to get out of it, some emotional, family, work or even spiritual problem. We see each other with such fear that we don’t know how to get out and we fall into the same hole.

It is likely that such a situation, in which we feel trapped without knowing or being able to change, creates more fears in us because we do not want to harm other people for whom we have a deep affection. The most important thing is to become aware of it in order to make the necessary changes and give peace to our disturbing emotions.

Dreaming of falling into the void and flying

Dreaming of falling is linked to this fear of situations in which we see ourselves under great stress or discomfort, disturbing situations from which we want to escape or we see ourselves in a symbolic fall, whose dream state makes it real.
See also Dream of flying

But flying we would leave strength to those situations, in which we get up in time and, moreover, with great potential to move forward and transform that shocking situation. The good omens lead us to a release from this problem that has taken away so much energy.

Dreaming of falling because we were pushed by someone else

The most general interpretation that we can draw from this dream is precisely the idea of being surrounded by people with bad energies who, perhaps, are envious of our successes and who pretend and / or wait for our failures in the face of all the positive things. that surround us, whether it is work, family, love or simply the social environment.

Dreaming of seeing someone fall

We can perceive a person very close to us who is surrounded by a great conflict and our concern is reflected in our subconscious with this dream. In such a way that we perceive a certain responsibility that we want to take on without knowing how and we stand still and look at these situations.