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Dreaming of fruits and vegetables

Dreaming of Fruit is a symbol of fertility and portends fortunes and earnings, especially if you dream of picking it directly from the tree. The rounded shape of the fruit refers to the womb and the female breast. Fruits are the most satisfying gifts of the earth from all points of view: touch, taste, sight, smell. This clearly refers to sexual fulfillment and the psychic satisfaction of erotic desires.

Dreaming of apples portends luck and happiness especially if they are shiny and ripe.
Figs are good especially if fresh and in the summer season, dried figs mean waste of money and time.
Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and dried fruit herald worries and disturbances.
The grapes are a good omen. Cherries, plums and apricots symbolize temporary and ephemeral pleasures. The plum immortality
Pears are a symbol of financial stability.

  • Dreaming of rotten fruit – desire to change ourselves.
  • Dreaming of fresh fruit – happiness and serenity.
  • Eating fruit: lucky events in sight.
  • Being in a vineyard or orchard: you will find good new friends.

Dreaming of vegetables

Dreaming of vegetables is a more common dream than you think, because it is normal to consume a rich variety of vegetables every day, so we can have a dream with these foods as a reminder of what happened during the day. However, knowing the true meaning of dreaming of vegetables can be useful when we are experiencing particular moments of our life.

It may seem strange but dreaming of vegetables is a dream that can be associated with your physical or emotional health or with some situation of your reality, which can be positive or negative, because everything will depend on the details of each of these dreams, the emotions felt and the plot of the dream. Vegetables should be consumed daily in the diet, as they help us stay healthy and healthy, so dreaming of vegetables can be related to the little attention you pay to your health and so your mind is telling you that you should consume healthier foods, al order to feel better about yourself and take care of yourself.

Besides this dreaming of vegetables it can be a very positive dream which indicates that you are an optimistic and very happy person, full of life and tranquility, so there are many positive meanings with vegetables, but at the same time, there are other meanings of this dream. , who invite you to take care of problems, to exercise and be more attentive to the details of your reality especially to avoid problems or bad situations. For this reason the details of each of the dreams with vegetables are of the utmost importance to be able to better understand the meaning of the dream and understand what our mind is telling us about one situation or another. But now let’s see in more detail some particular dream context if you have ever dreamed of vegetables and how to best interpret it to understand its hidden message.

Dreaming of green vegetables

Dreaming of green vegetables is a dream associated with infidelity and relationship problems, so it warns you that you will have to live situations that can put your relationship at risk, even reach a breakup, so it is only up to you to be honest with your partner and decide whether or not to end the relationship. Always try to find ways to make the breakup as sweet as possible for both of you even if you have been unfaithful or your partner has been unfaithful to you, because you need to talk about it, accept it, end the relationship and of course get over it. It won’t be easy, but it will all depend on you. See also Properties of the green color

Dreaming of eating vegetables

Dreaming of eating vegetables is a sign that you need good food, both mental and spiritual. It means that you need renewal because you feel pressure to do certain things or you need the approval of others. For your physical side, it is a sign that you are eating less and need a significant improvement on this point. In this way, the subconscious manifests itself to give the message that one must pay more attention to one’s diet, providing a greater amount of minerals and vitamins.

Dreaming of a lot of vegetables

Dreaming of a lot of vegetables means that the situation is getting worse in front of you and you are not taking the precautionary measures you should to protect your family. Dreaming of vegetables in abundance, more than a wake-up call to put your family in order, is a message of reflection on how careless you are. Taking care of your family is not just about buying food and material goods, there is much more behind it: it is being present, supportive, loving and supporting each member of your family.

Dreaming of cooked vegetables

Dreaming of cooked vegetables indicates that you may have problems with your partner, with your children or with your family, which means that you have to make changes or that you have to be very attentive to what can happen in your life and always try to solve every bad situation and problem, to keep unity and stability in your life. Remember that having a good relationship with your family is important to be able to develop and evolve as a human being in the best possible way.