Fruit,  Interpretation

Dreaming of grapes

Grapes, clearly associated with wine, are a positive symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity. Dreaming of grapes also promises future erotic pleasures.

A peculiarity: if you have had this dream, it is not recommended to play for a while, we would lose time and money.

The interpretation of the dream is very dependent on the color and degree of ripeness of the fruit.

  • Vineyard rows or field of grapes: prosperity
  • Pick the grapes: we will be famous and celebrated
  • Dreaming of white grapes – victory over those who want us badly
  • Harvest: inheritance in sight
  • Black grapes: business to be carefully evaluated
  • Red grapes: you are living in a period full of contradictions
  • Eating grapes: big responsibilities in sight
  • Green grapes: still obstacles but easily overcome
  • Dry or Rotten Grapes: Fear of aging
  • Crush it: victory over enemies
  • Stealing grapes: jealousies and envy torment you