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Dreaming of lice

Lice in life represent a strong annoyance, in dreams too, they can represent annoyances and worries that we live every day or in other cases they represent people and external factors that bring us annoyance and discomfort.However, lice may reflect some aspects of our character that bother us and we would like to change

Dreaming of having lice

Dreaming of having lice in your head certainly reflects our state of mind, obviously the thoughts and problems you have in your head are more than one and unfortunately they do not leave you alone, you feel tormented and annoyed by all the worries you have.

Dreaming of lice on the head of others

in dreams it means that you probably have or are getting rid of your problems, therefore improvements are expected within your life.

Dreaming of black lice

In the world of dreams, dreaming of lice as we have said is not a good sign, dreaming of black lice is probably even worse. Lice feed on blood, so this image in the dream world can represent people around you, who exploit you and over time could give you big problems, the “annoyance” could become something irremediable.

Dreaming of white lice

Dreaming of white lice certainly has a more proactive value, the thoughts and annoyances that worry you are more futile than you actually believe, the problems will be easy to solve.

Dreaming of lice on the head of my son

In the world of dreams, dreaming of lice on the head of the child, certainly reflects the sense of protection towards him, probably your child has had some problems with some friend at school, you are afraid for his In general, you may worry about him, because you are not happy with the friendships he has.

Dreaming of lice on the head of my daughter

Lice are often easy to catch in schools, so it is the little ones who are most at risk. Dreaming of lice on your daughter’s head can simply be a fear, perhaps caused by a small epidemic that occurred in some school. In other cases you are afraid that your behaviors or attitudes will affect your offspring.

Dreaming of lice eggs

In the world of dreams it is not a good omen, unwelcome surprises may present you soon in your life.In other cases, some events have come up in your life that you are not proud of, so you fear that they could affect your life. your current life.