Interpretation,  Weathering

Dreaming of the clouds

Clouds can generally announce the time to come, so when they appear in dreams they can play a similar role. They could herald a period of calm and tranquility, or cause fear of stormy times.

Clouds in dreams can also represent a person with his head in the clouds, with vague and unproductive thoughts.

Dreaming white and light clouds

It connects to the ephemeral and the passenger especially if the clouds move in the sky and can indicate a fleeting state of being, emotions destined to pass and not to be taken too seriously, but it can also refer to the imagination and the need to space with the mind and to rise beyond their everyday life.

Thus, depending on the emotions felt and the beauty and lightness of the clouds in dreams, the dream will lead towards more or less positive directions, in some cases alluding to simple and joyful feelings of lightness, in others to the sense of unreality and excessive daydreams.

Dreaming of clouds covering the sky

When the clouds are more compact and tend to occupy all the space of the sky they will be a symbol of setbacks, worries, negative thoughts, blurred vision, vision of reality mediated by one’s emotions.

Dreaming of black clouds or dark clouds

According to popular tradition, all dark and swollen rain clouds have an ominous meaning, while for Freud they indicate a drop in libido and problems in the sexual sphere.

But even in the modern vision, dreaming of a black cloud is connected to complications and discords or obstacles that the dreamer feels are looming, frightening or destructive and from which he fears he will not be able to defend himself.

Dreaming of storm clouds

It is a symbol of problems and difficulties that the dreamer has to face or of all his fears that do not allow him to be calm and to evaluate reality impartially.

Dreaming of a storm

When the clouds in dreams open like cataracts in a real storm the dream alludes to the violence of the emotions that hit the dreamer, but the same image can indicate sudden problems whose impact can be destructive and destabilizing.

In some dreams the storm can represent quarrels, discords and all related emotions.

Dreaming of pink clouds

Light, frayed and in the most nuanced shades of pink are connected to the transience of beauty, to everything that is ephemeral and inconsistent in this reality and to the idea of ​​metamorphosis.

They are a positive symbol that alludes to the need to look at reality with optimism, to the need to “look ahead”.

Dreaming of red clouds

They have a “tragic” tone that can have positive and negative implications: positive in indicating the strength of libido and eros, negative when they are a symbol of anger, rage, an image of blood which, like a tragic cloud, it reaches the head and blurs the vision and intelligence.

Dreaming of gray clouds

they are linked to the dulling of conscience, sadness and depression, to the problems that the dreamer feels looming over his head and that color his reality with fears and pessimism.

Dreaming of a yellow cloud

It can indicate malevolent feelings in the dreamer or around him, expressions of envy and ill will that condition his actions and his reality.

But yellow clouds in dreams can also arise as a reflection of the golden light of the sun and, in this case, give another direction to the dream, showing the strength of will and one’s own beliefs that can illuminate even the moments with positive and active energy. of doubt.

Dreaming of falling clouds

They represent the fall of beliefs and ideas, the impact of reality that dissolves daydreams and dreams. Clouds that fall in dreams can also indicate the fall of one’s illusions or the disintegration of the image that one has made of someone close to us

Dreaming of clouds touching the ground

Indicates the impact of reality on imaginative and perhaps unattainable ideas, thoughts and goals, it is an awareness that can sometimes represent the need to find a balance between fantasy and reality, between ideas and their concretization.

In some dreams it symbolizes the sense of reality that prevails over fantasies, in others the fantasies and wishes that come true.

Dreaming of clouds over the sea

They are the symbol of a polarity: on the one hand the unconscious and emotional world with all its depths and unknowns (the sea) on the other the mental with its fantasies, reveries and illusions (the clouds).

This image can indicate the meeting of these two internal forces and, dreaming of clouds that touch the sea on the horizon, can have a balancing and positive or destabilizing character, when the clouds are stormy and shake the water of the sea.

Dreaming of clouds in the shape of animals or dreaming of clouds in the shape of angels

It combines the symbolism of the cloud in dreams with that of the animal and the angel or other forms. So instinctive and spiritual aspects or more concrete and pressing that are mediated by lightness and imagination or the inability to express what you feel.

They are dreams that reflect transitory and inconsistent aspects and a tendency to fantasize, but the shape assumed by the clouds in dreams is always a revealing symbol.

Dreaming of a heart-shaped cloud

As above, but often reflects a need for affection, falling in love or the inability to express one’s feelings of love towards someone.

Dreaming of a cloud of fire

Often it refers to thoughts of “fire” or to angry thoughts that in some moments can cloud the mind or to passionate thoughts and fantasies that burn inside and obscure reason.

Dreaming of touching a cloud

as for “touching the sky with a finger” it can be a metaphorical image that indicates the achievement of a state of lightness and happiness or a goal considered almost impossible, but in some dreams it can refer to an “inconsistent” goal, to a goal that, once achieved, turns out to be unstable or different from what was imagined.

Dreaming of catching a cloud

It may indicate a long-pursued illusion or a tendency to feed on illusions.

Dreaming of being on a cloud or flying on a cloud

they are very clear metaphorical images that represent a state of satisfaction, of happiness, but also of illusion. It is said “to be on the cloud” in fact to describe a condition of detachment from reality, of dreams, fantasies and falling in love.