Interpretation,  Weathering

Dreaming of the fog

The fog in dreams leads to the emergence of new possibilities, to ideas and sensations that are germinating, to letting oneself be guided by an inner thrust, trusting in oneself and in one’s abilities. to reveal an aspect of creative elaboration, the expectation of a result, hope.

Dreaming of getting lost in the fog

It is a dream of distress that reflects a state of doubt and lack of clarity about a situation or a relationship. The dreamer feels “lost”, lost in something that he does not fully understand: feelings that we suck in, a sexual passion, or depression, emotions that invade him and that he is unable to rationalize. See also dreaming of getting lost

Dreaming of fog in the house

Draws attention to two levels: an internal one that signals confusion, unawareness and the need to know what is happening inside, and an external one that can be really connected to the “home”, a symbol of the family and one’s own security. In this case the dream can show misunderstandings and behaviors that do not correspond to what one feels, complex and difficult family dynamics to resolve.

Dreaming of black fog

Dreaming black fog and fear of being swallowed up can be linked to one’s fears for the future, to the lack of hope and alternatives, not being able to see a possibility (not being able to see the light), and to heavy feelings that are not expressed, but which condition reality of the dreamer.

Dreaming of fog while driving

It draws attention to the social world. If the dreamer feels engaged in driving and frightened by the fog that prevents him from seeing with the fear of crashing, this can reflect a similar situation of stress and difficulty in work.

If, on the contrary, he drives in a relaxed way through the fog even without seeing where he is going, the dream can highlight self-esteem and self-confidence, or signal imprudence and carelessness.

Dreaming of seeing through the fog

it has positive meanings linked to one’s disposition not to lose heart and to advance even in difficulties or in the darkest moments.