Dreaming of the moon

The moon is associated with femininity, as opposed to the sun which instead represents the male part. The moon is also associated with water, tides, but not only, it represents bewilderment, loneliness, deception, mystery, darkness. It is therefore frequent that women especially dream of the moon than men. In the dream world it therefore represents the woman herself, of how she lives, therefore her femininity, her fears and her uncertainties.

Dreaming of a full moon

It is likely that we are experiencing a period of full satisfaction, we feel full of ourselves, complete, we have probably just finished an important cycle of our life that has given us back brightness and fullness. It is also true that it is said that the full moon brings strange effects not only on nature and animals, but also on the human mind, so the dream could also indicate a drive for some new project not yet planned.

Dreaming of a red moon

say it is bad, so dreaming of it in fact is not really a good omen, it can refer to a big change that is taking place in you, in your deepest self, it could also foretell imminent periods and obstacles on your path.

Dreaming of a falling moon

The moon also represents the imagination, illusions, so if you dream of the falling moon it is likely that the things you believed in, your dreams and your hopes are slowly abandoning you. Alternatively, it is likely that an emotional detachment is taking place probably with a woman, since the moon, as we have said, is associated with femininity.

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse

It is likely that a dark side is hidden inside you, that part that you do not show frequently, but that within you you feel with arrogance. In other cases it may indicate a negative and stressful period, almost as if to want to disappear.

Dreaming of a big moon

If you dream of a giant moon it is likely that you will feel overwhelmed by a greater force, you are unable to have total control over your fears, anxieties and in general you are unable to keep full control of your life.