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Dreaming of the Pope

Dreaming of the Pope, Francis, Benedict, Wojtyla will appear in dreams even in the moments when we ask ourselves questions about our spirituality and for all those questions about which we question ourselves in relation to religion.

Dreaming of the dead Pope

many times in dreams, someone’s death indicates the separation we have from the latter. In this case, dreaming of the dead pope can represent a spiritual detachment; as we have already said, the pope is the one who embodies the bond that exists between God and man. Our dream can represent the detachment of that bond on our part. It is possible to hypothesize that the pontiff in this case may also embody a person dear to us.

Dreaming of the Pope in the coffin

in the world of dreams the coffin represents the symbolic breakdown of a relationship with someone. Dreaming of the pope in a coffin can indicate a departure from the spiritual life; or that we no longer see in him the figure of someone who can guide us, whether the pontiff represents himself or someone for him.

Dreaming of the Pope blessing me

the pope who blesses is important for those who are very spiritual and above all religious. This dream indicates what the figure of the pope is for us and when it is important for us to receive his blessing. We are attentive people and we care about tradition and we give importance to the aspect of the spiritual life. Obviously, for those who have a more pragmatic vision and therefore move away from religious life, the pope assumes the figure of a pragmatic man who limits himself to behaving according to religious dogmas. So, he represents all the rigidity of the church. He could represent a man, but also a woman, who strictly respects the rules. What has been said can be interpreted differently if on the verge of death, in fact, in this case it is more likely that what we would like is the blessing for our sins on earth.

Dreaming of the Pope laughing or smiling

This represents tranquility and security. In fact, dreaming of the pope smiling is something that can make us feel better, because we are given a sense of security. Maybe we are doing the right thing or we just like to be reassured.

Dreaming of the Pope crying

crying is a symbol of liberation, but above all of strong emotions. Dreaming of the pope crying means that we also see a very sweet and sensitive aspect in him. Do we feel guilty about something? If the pontiff cries for us, let us reflect on our behavior

Dreaming of an angry Pope

An angry state of mind can indicate a disappointment or a failure. If we feel we have made a mistake and have betrayed our own trust, our unconscious can project this feeling into our dreams, making us dream of the Pope (a figure as important as it is) angry. If we feel that we have made a serious mistake, or a sin, then our dream expresses our repentance and the knowledge that we have bad deeds.

Dreaming of the Pope dressed in black:

Traditionally the pope is dressed in white, a color that indicates purity and is associated with the divine. A pope dressed in black will therefore be a symbol of corruption and a lack of spirituality. This does not mean that it is necessarily on our part, but it can also indicate our loss of trust in the religious institution. It’s not all; in fact the black tunic is used by clerics, therefore, we must try to understand what exactly we dreamed of.