Interpretation,  Weathering

Dreaming of the rain

Dreaming of rain has basically two meanings, a positive one linked to purity and regeneration and a negative one associated with a symbol of sadness, loneliness and personal crisis.

Positive aspect:

rain cleans the atmosphere and makes it more breathable, cooling temperatures especially in summer. But rain is water and water is needed for plants to grow and survive as well as for us human beings who are 70% made up of water. Therefore, when you dream that it is raining you must always think of a moment in your life when it is necessary to regenerate, renew yourself, find those energies useful to move forward. The dream can be linked to something, some situation that should no longer be continued but over, over. The rain then erases the problems and brings news. Dreaming of rain also means fertility as it is symbolically compared to the sperm with which the sky (yang-masculine) fertilizes the earth (yin-feminine) and makes it fertile, thus ensuring future gains of energy and self-confidence.

Negative aspect:

if it is too abundant the rain can also destroy. It therefore represents a tendency to excessive dramatization of events. The melancholy and sadness that you have inside is released in the dream manifesting itself with the vision of the rain. Ask yourself if you are going through an unhappy time, in which you are feeling a little depressed. Try to understand what are the reasons for this state of mind. If you have an umbrella, on the other hand, it means that you know how to protect yourself from difficulties.

Often, when we are not happy with a sentimental or work situation, we can see the rain in a dream that invests us. Feeling cold can be a symptom of the fact that we do not feel ready to renew ourselves and if the rain is dirty, then we are afraid that by ending a relationship with someone, we will be blamed for the breakup.

Dreaming of heavy rain

This is a very frequent dream, usually there are also thunder, lightning, tornadoes etc. The sky is completely dark and you don’t know where to take refuge. This dream originates in people who are afraid of failures. It can be fear of an exam, fear of not reaching the goals you set for yourself

Dreaming of walking in the rain

confirms the confidence that the dreamer has invested in his own strength.

Dreaming of a light rain

it is a promise of gains and profits.

Dreaming of torrential rain

It symbolizes purification if the dreamer does not feel discomfort, otherwise the future of serious difficulties which, however, are destined to be resolved for the best. If you are looking for shelter: it means that you are experiencing difficulties in your life and that you do not have the necessary strength and security to face them.

Dreaming of seeing the rain from a window

they symbolize becoming aware of certain behaviors to be reviewed that the dreamer assumes in reality.

Dreaming of hearing the rain hit the roof or the asphalt

It warns of a period of serenity and family love.

Dreaming of a storm

It means that the dreamer will be able to find an intelligent solution to a big problem that afflicts him.

Dreaming of seeing black clouds and that rain is imminent

it represents the dreamer’s fear of the success of a project.

Dreaming of getting wet in the rain

This type of dream originates in people who think that other people do not listen to them. They feel marginalized. If during the dream the person tries to shelter from the rain it means that he is trying to remedy this situation.

Dreaming of rain in the house

it indicates a period of great difficulty to be faced and that it is also time to renew your life, looking for new stimuli and new emotions, before it is too late.

Dreaming of rain at the sea

it means that your inner change may find obstacles, especially if there is also a storm in the dream.

Dreaming of taking shelter from the rain

it means that you will succeed in your intentions and that your projects will mature quickly.

Dreaming of rain and immediately after a rainbow

It means that after so many troubles and difficulties you will be able to find the solution to everything, facing positive and satisfying news.

Dreaming of rain and hail together

It means that, after a difficult difficulty to overcome, there will be opportunities to be seized.

Dreaming of rain with the sun

It means that you will be able to solve your problems and invigorate your ego in the shortest possible time.

Dreaming dirty rain

Rain mixed with earth means that those who dream need to clarify some aspects of their life or even to make radical changes to improve their existence. It also means that moments of breakup with someone close to you are near.

Dreaming of dancing in the rain

It means that a spiritual purification is taking place within you that will improve your life.

Dreaming of a rain of blood

It symbolizes the fragility of the dreamer in a certain circumstance that is about to happen, his passively undergoing the event without saying his own opinion. see also dream of blood

Dreaming of a rain of fire

it represents a particular period, full of vitality and energy. see also dreaming of fire