Interpretation,  Weathering

Dreaming of the snow

When the temperature drops to minimum levels and snow forms, the human soul has always rejoiced and scared. Snow, symbol of a natural prodigy that can bring hours of joy and fun as well as death and despair, is a very specific event, which alludes to a transition and a transformation.

It is a dream that some have recurrently, especially in the deepest hours of sleep, when the unconscious has more freedom to emerge and gives rise to overlapping dense of meaning.

Moving in the snow is difficult and dangerous: thus, dreaming of snow is typical of depressed people. The image of the avalanche that comes off and overwhelms the dreamer very clearly expresses the feeling that something immense and dangerous is about to happen, it can be further emphasized if in the dreamer’s life there is a situation in which one feels threatened or in which you risk being overwhelmed by problems that seemed distant or that you did not expect.

Dreaming of a snow storm

it can be a sign of frustration due to difficulties to be faced or projects that can be wrecked. Dreaming of the snow that submerges us or blocks our door, it can be the symptom of a block in some sector of our life we can’t find the right solutions and we feel overwhelmed. The sensations, as mentioned, are important, so feeling cold while the snow falls down could indicate a lower sentimental transport, a period of fatigue, of stasis, of blocking in different situations.

Dreaming of snow in summer or out of season

it means that you want an unexpected and unpredictable event in your life, a breath of fresh air for everything around you. Usually this type of dream also has an opposite meaning: in fact, dreaming of snow in the summer can also symbolize that you are afraid of an event that takes you away from a happy moment in your life. In these cases, to understand which of the two meanings is right, you need to analyze your emotions in the dream.

Dreaming of dirty snow

it is often considered an omen of difficulties, perhaps you have dirtied your soul, perhaps there is something that disturbs you, that you do not want to happen or that unfortunately has already happened.

Dreaming of playing in the snow

indicates that it is necessary to establish a certain time for fun and relaxation. Alternatively, the dream means that one needs to take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves; otherwise such opportunities will disappear.

Dreaming of finding something in the snow

indicates that you are exploring and you are having access to unused potentials, skills and talents. It can also refer to a need to forgive.

Dreaming of melting snow

Snow is an element that transforms, from snow to water and vice versa. So dreaming of melting snow can refer to the fact that something is about to change, it is up to us to try to understand if it can be positive or negative.

Dreaming of snow in the house

it makes you think of when you look at a snowfall through the window while you are warm at home, especially if you are in company it can be a positive dream, in fact in this case it can symbolize a period of quiet and rest. If, on the other hand, you are alone at home and feel cold, it can be a sign of loneliness. If, on the other hand, you have snow right at home and you feel cold, think back to family relationships.

Dreaming of eating snow

heralds a very imminent failure, in which the error risks being the inability not to grasp the reality of the facts, or of the ideal underlying the question.

Dreaming of large grains of snow falling beyond a window

it can represent the big problem that we will face, heralding that the next steps will be wrong (perhaps driven by anger or some other negative feeling) and that they can also be aggravated by further problems deriving from the fact that the illusions seen from one point are (different) realities in different terrains

Dreaming of being in a snowstorm

it symbolizes our blind search for a goal that will bring us nothing but pain and disappointment, discouraging us every step along the sad journey.

Dreaming of Getting lost in the snow

it’s never a pleasant dream, and it’s not even a good sign. It is a common sign of bad omen, which is often associated with small negative misfortunes.

Dreaming of sledding on the snow

is a symbol of possible misfortune in love since her reckless behavior will prevent her from finding the right suitor for her, and instead causing damage to her reputation.