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Dreaming of the son or daughter

In dreams it can often happen to dream about your children, especially if something happened before the dream that had a strong impact or remained imprinted.

Symbol of what is dearest to us in the world, dreaming of one’s children is often interpreted as fear, but at the same time the desire to protect our loved ones and the truest affections from the dangers of the world. The fear of not being able to protect them, however, is great and it is precisely for this reason that it often happens to have this type of dream, a way almost to exorcise tension and acquire courage.

Dreaming of a child can also have other interpretations: it can in fact be a symbol of a very strong bond or, on the contrary, indicate the lack of a parent in our life and the emptiness that it has left.

It also happens to dream of an inverse relationship, that is, to dream of receiving a sermon from their children: this happens because many times a parent feels that he cannot manage a relationship and therefore creates unpleasant situations.

Dreaming of your child for a mother is what she considers the part of her daughter of her: the one that needs care, guidance, someone to take care of her, to be listened to, embraced.

The relationship with this part is deeper than the dream in which any child appears, because you know this dreamed child. The own unconscious, through the dream, says to appeal to this daughter part. To do this, you have to ask yourself what characterizes the relationship with your child: how do you pamper and care for him? You have to do the same with yourself.

If you dream of your child alive, you need to focus on the thing that makes you feel good about the relationship with your child, that makes you feel happier as a mother.

If you dream of him dead, it means that, perhaps, you need the part that remains unheard or that is missing in the relationship with your child. The feature they like least.

If you hold it in your arms it means that you have to do the same with yourself.

If he cries, perhaps his unconscious is saying that that is the thing you need. It may be that you tend to keep everything inside and that frequent crying is a characteristic of your child who lives with difficulty. The dream is about letting go just the way your child does.

Dreaming of young children or babies

young children can represent a clear image of themselves. Many times parents are afraid to unintentionally pass on their fears and concerns directly to their children. Your own unconscious reflects this by showing the similarities between parents and children. At other times, small children, babies, represent that period of transition and passage. Children, especially in the early years, grow up fast: in their dreams they can have a metaphorical symbol of great developments or changes.

A newborn child is also a symbol of the arrival of good news. So you have to be very careful and refine your receptive apparatus. New opportunities, both in the private and personal spheres, are just around the corner and await the right moment to overwhelm the dreamer’s life.

Young children are pure, innocent and ultra sensitive. Dreaming of a small child can therefore be an attempt to recall that part of the child that is inside the dreamer, which has never grown up, and which has never allowed itself to be infected by the wickedness of the world. It is as if you want to find a safe haven from external dangers, but without having to travel far as it is much closer than you can imagine.

Dreaming of children who do not have:

it can happen to dream of children who are not yet there. This type of dream indicates new projects that will bring a lot of responsibilities to come. Children can also be a metaphor for general changes that can re-enter the dreamer’s working and / or sentimental life. However, future children can also indicate an unconscious desire: you may be ready for the big step and have the desire to form a family.

Dreaming of male children

in the cabal, male children traditionally were carriers of misfortunes and malaise. In the symbolism of dreams, this is not true, in fact male children represent a great strength. This happens because in the family role the male figure is of vital importance as a bearer of traditions and above all of the name. Our unconscious, very often, is influenced by conventions that accustom us to ideas that are not always true. Male children previously represented an essential force for a family and therefore a certain priority was commonly given to them.

Dreaming of twin children:

dreaming of twins can often indicate another face, or a double situation. Twins represent just this in the symbolism of dreams, two aspects of everything. In addition to the essence of one’s own person, dreaming of twin children can express a strong sense of motherhood or paternity and the strong desire for a large family.

Dreaming of drowning children

dreaming of their children drowning is a fairly recurring dream on the part of a parent. This dream represents a fairly clear metaphor: the unconscious tries to make it clear that children are oppressed by disturbances and anxieties created mainly by parents. Often a person with strong maternal (or paternal) instincts will never admit that they are wrong in not wanting to let their child go. However, this can have serious repercussions on the type of relationship that exists at home, creating a series of conflicts and misunderstandings. The best thing is to leave them alone, and try not to pester him.

Dreaming of losing son or children in danger

this dream represents a sense of strong fear and concern on the part of very protective parents. The fear of losing a child also represents the fear of a bad relationship between parent and child. Sometimes for arguments or quarrels, we can create excessive ideas that remain particularly impressed, so as to create an excessive scene. If, on the other hand, you dream of children in a dangerous situation, this is a representation of a fear of the dreamer that blocks you from going further and concentrating on more serious things.

Dreaming of dead (or dying) son

dreaming of a child who dies or is dying will bring a lot of anguish and will indicate an unbalanced and frightened state of mind. Worries are reflected in dreams, thus bringing out the dreamer’s maternal / paternal instinct. In reality, many times this type of dreams indicate a detachment for which parents are not ready to face. In this context, the parent-child separation is portrayed in a much more drastic way.

Dreaming of others’ son

it can happen sometimes to dream of children of acquaintances. Generally, it can happen that seeing children of friends and colleagues, a sudden and unconscious desire arises in us to always want to start a family if there has not been a particular meeting with them that has given rise to the dream for other reasons.

Dreaming of illegitimate son

dreaming of having illegitimate children or of discovering that you have them can represent a worried state of mind. The illegitimate child can lead to thinking of something disheartening or associated with betrayal. If you are in a particularly difficult situation, it is easy to associate this figure with your own fear that could be realized shortly or that might not even be realized.

Dreaming of having children

dreaming of the birth of a child being not pregnant can represent the arrival of new news or unexpected big changes. A new project is ready to be started. Furthermore, the birth of a child also represents a rather positive conclusion of something that is taking place. It can also be a message from one’s inner self, a desire to have children.

Dreaming of three children

3 is a particularly strong number and full of mystical meanings. Geometrically the 3 represents the triangle a perfect and flawless shape; 3 is also the number of the divine, a number in close connection with what is spiritual, but also full of mystical meanings. The three also represents a new arrival and therefore a change. Dreaming of 3 children on the way can be important if we have a work or project of some importance in progress.

Dreaming of a hanged child

the hanged man is a very widespread dream image with multiple meanings, all very complex. In general, however, it indicates a period of difficulty in someone’s life. Dreaming of a hanged son, therefore, can mean a strong concern about a complex period in your son’s life, such as the fear that he may take paths that could lead him to a “bad end”.

Dreaming of a child getting married

marriage represents a great change for everyone, so if a parent happens to dream of their child getting married, it means that something new and beautiful is about to happen to the latter

Dreaming of a falling son

the fall, wherever it occurs, on the street or down the stairs, indicates a sudden loss of balance. Therefore, dreaming of your child losing his balance is synonymous with a child’s malaise, no longer in line with one’s “inner self”, and with the parent who is seriously worried.

Dreaming of a sick son

often dreaming of a sick person means that you are aware of the fact that that person is suffering from mental, psychological or physical disorders in the latter period. So knowing it causes agitation, makes you feel helpless, worries.

Furthermore, any other case history that sees children in poor health conditions as protagonists, can mean weakness, negative changes, illnesses and also, if you are in hospital, temporary difficult periods destined to improve.

Dreaming of an injured or scarred son

injuries are usually interpreted as bad experiences, negative feelings, traumas and fears that have been carrying around for a long time, but that you are never able to scream at the world in order to free yourself from them . This type of dream therefore indicates a kind of inner prison in which the person dear to us feels trapped.