Danger,  Interpretation

Dreaming of thieves

In the interpretation of dreaming of thieves, it represents our fears, our insecurity and our inability to deal with a problem. All this stems mainly from the fear of getting a failure in front of a company to which we have dedicated all our energies.

For women this dream represents the desire to embark on a passionate love story for playful purposes with the sole aim of experiencing new and daring emotions.

For a more precise interpretation, we must eventually add the symbolic value of the theft and any stolen object. For example, if it is an animal it represents an unjustified distrust of our abilities.

  • Dreaming of thieves in the house – economic security.
  • Being a thief: fidelity in the family.
  • Runaway Thief: You will cut off with a dear friend.
  • Dreaming of being robbed and being attacked by a thief – desperation for a situation beyond our control.
  • Dreaming of thieves who steal your car – good omen, you will find an object that you thought was lost.
  • Theft of money or clothes indicates a wrong received by the dreamer.

Dreaming of being robbed

If a woman dreams of a thief entering her house, this may indicate that she has difficulty in welcoming the “animus”, that is, the male image according to Jungian psychology; the thief is a hostile representation of the male principle, seen as something that steals and steals, rather than something that enriches and completes

Being attacked by a thief for a woman can be a dream that originates from a denied or repressed sexual desire; the thief who sneaks into the house at night, who breaks down doors, who attacks the woman (especially if armed with a knife, gun, etc., all phallic symbols) is an image of the strength of eros and serves to satisfy the forbidden sexual desire. This distressing dream is typical of women who cannot satisfy their sexual needs.

Finally, a woman can happen to dream of a thief when she is pregnant: in fact the dream represents the concern that her body (house) has been ‘invaded’ by the fetus (thief).

Dreaming of being a thief

Try to think if there was an episode in your life in which you stole something; even small insignificant ‘thefts’, perhaps in childhood or adolescence; even of small objects. Or if there have been episodes in which you reproached yourself for ‘lack of honesty’: perhaps you failed to return excessive change, or an object that was given to you by mistake. It may be that the dream was born from the resurfacing of these memories.

The place where you are carrying out the theft can help you in the interpretation: perhaps the place is a symbol of activities or situations in which you felt lacking in something, and for this reason you stole right there in the dream. What you steal is probably a symbol of something you know you can’t have.