Interpretation,  Macro

Dreaming of weathering

weathering in a dream have important meanings. In addition to being among the elements that most frame dream situations, they are also the ones that are most easily remembered. below we analyze the various changes of time and their meaning.

We can say that if during the dream you are reading or listening to weather forecasts this means that we live a strong expectation of change in the course of our life both professionally and emotionally, where a gloomy weather can be synonymous with sadness and melancholy while a bright day can bring happiness and moments of absolute joy and lightheartedness.

As for natural disasters, the meanings are disparate but they are united by an urgent desire to give a new direction to one’s life. In particular, if our dream is characterized by a tidal wave or a tsunami it will mean that our life is going through phases of transition and growth in which the individual unconscious acts with the same modality and the same force that nature uses in its related catastrophes.