May 22 – June 21

The Gemini symbol represents duality and the action of opposites. The period of this Mobile Sign, between May and June, is now a hot period, pre-summer, with very long days, but the weather has not yet completely stabilized, and is still variable. A sign of Air, Gemini is characterized by instability, vivacity, movement. This Sign is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of intellect and communication. Those born in this Sign are curious and observers, they want to know, to be informed of the latest news. They are intelligent and seek new connections between ideas. They are also physically active; they want to move and act. They love the outdoors, they prefer to do several things at the same time, they are always looking for stimulation, novelty, travel, fun. Inconstant, they are unlikely to complete a project or a relationship; in this way they risk losing their energies and not getting anything done. The Gemini native is casual and unscrupulous; he is open-minded, relativistic and non-dogmatic. Imaginative and unconventional, it is so changeable as to be superficial. Adaptable and versatile, it does not fully support any idea or principle. It is able to assimilate quickly, but it does not deepen. He is able to understand and accept the reasons of others and this is positive, but in this way he risks being inconsistent. It also tends to instill doubt in other people’s ideas. He is a liar and unreliable, but not out of malice or ulterior motives (in general he is honest in his behavior), but above all out of superficiality. For this reason, others are often led to forgive him. But he is sensitive, even if he soon forgets and carries no grudges.
He does not particularly suffer from the pains of life, because he tends to pass over. With others he is sociable, loves dialogue, and loves to exhibit and get noticed. In his work he relies on his creativity and his talent. In love he finds himself struggling between opposing desires: that of building a stable relationship, and that of living in freedom. However, look for a relationship with a person with a different, more stable character. He is a good seducer because he is light, talkative, adventurous, tender and cheerful. But in the consolidated relationship he is not constant, he fears monotony, and can react by becoming irritable and unfaithful.

The Gemini man

The Gemini man tends to be lively and spontaneous, but a little superficial. In love he is more sentimental than passionate, and in any case he does not like quarrels and tragedies, as well as stormy relationships. Born seducer, he is a great suitor. Love flirting, adventure, experiment. He loves to test himself, to perform in search of confirmation. This may be due to the fact that he may harbor a hidden sense of inferiority. On the other hand, any worries can cause him anguish and nervousness. Underneath it is always a child who tends to disengage and does not want responsibility. He gladly surrounds himself with friends who can stimulate him and accompany him on new adventures. Sometimes he can be a liar. In love, he is generally unstable and unfaithful. To remain faithful, he must truly fall in love, which is rare but not impossible. At work he loves activities that are not too regular and monotonous. She prefers not to have timetables, to be independent. He can succeed as a journalist, as a manager, in business and commerce. He loves traveling and learning languages. It needs to dialogue, to communicate, even in writing

The Gemini woman

Capricious and eternal girl, her sensitivity and emotionality lead her to an instability in mood. He is charming and likes to flirt. However, he does not lose control because he is not very passionate, and he does not venture into dangerous situations. She is a good companion, able to adapt, but hardly manages to bond with a man who is too monotonous and quiet. Either way, he doesn’t want to lose the interests and friendships he had outside of the love bond. He has no particular domestic management skills; his mentality is in some respects masculine. She is a little afraid of motherhood, because she senses her own immaturity, but if she becomes a mother, she will be affectionate: perhaps she will be a little distracted, but she will know how to be a friend. With others he is sociable and able to organize an evening with friends or a meeting. Likes to read and be informed; risks being a bit of a gossip. In her work she succeeds well in activities that have to do with communication: she can be a journalist, a teacher, but also an actress, or she can work in contact with the public. He loves traveling and learning languages.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Mercury as their personal Planet, which is already the ruler of the Sign. The planet closest to the Sun and the fastest in the Solar System is the symbol of rationality and the desire for knowledge. It makes it possible to observe things, to learn and to remember, and in those born in the first decade its doubled influence makes the already unstable Gemini even more lively, enhancing the virtues and defects relating to the intellectual sphere. Mercury also helps to be shrewd, versatile and shrewd in different situations. The dialectical skills and the desire for communication are strong, as well as the psycho-motor coordination.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal reference Planet, which gives a little more constancy to the natives of Gemini, both in likes and dislikes. The influence of the Planet of love and beauty also makes the native persevering, vital and strong-willed, gives calmness of character and sociability, and love for nature and beauty. Towards loved ones (and others in general), there is a tendency to be generous and willing to give help and protection. There is also a tendency to love luxury and a comfortable, comfortable life.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Saturn and Uranus as reference planets. Saturn is the Planet of constancy, perseverance, the ability to achieve goals through self-discipline and willpower. Linked to the most important stages and trials of life, Saturn is the Planet of destiny. Uranus is the Planet of unpredictability and originality. In those born in the third decade of Gemini, the combination of the three personal Planets (Saturn and Uranus with Mercury that rules the Sign), confers great mental abilities, an aptitude to go beyond their own time and a tendency to genius.