Animals,  Interpretation

Dreaming of mice

These animals appear quite often in dreams, we consider them harmful and dangerous, but we also look at them with compassion and sympathy.

Meaning of the mouse in dreams

  • Intuition, instinct: like all animals, the mouse also represents instinct; the mouse has large ears, a highly developed sense of smell, because it must be ready to catch the smallest warning signs.
  • Smallness, pusillanimity, lack of courage: the mouse is small and shy, fleeing at the slightest danger; when it appears in dreams it means that perhaps you feel inadequate, you do not face your fears and you let yourself be crushed by them.
  • Irrational fears, obsessive thoughts that “erode” your mental tranquility.
  • Sensuality, fertility: the mouse is a very prolific animal, it reproduces rapidly.
  • Damage, loss: rats and mice loot the pantries, so they are a symbol of damage suffered.
  • The Soul, the unconscious: the mice are elusive, difficult to see, they do not love the light, they are in their den, well hidden; they only come out at night, they work in the shade.
  • Order, cleanliness, attention to detail: the mouse in stories for childhood and comics is often an investigator, or an intellectual; in fact the quality is attributed to catching the smallest details that escape other characters. Able to find hiding places and sneak anywhere. Furthermore, the mouse is an animal that cleans itself very much, it is not dirty.
  • Victim: the mouse is defenseless and can easily be overwhelmed by predators that want to eat it, or become trapped in mouse traps.

Dreaming of so many rats at home, in the room, in the bed

  • Dreaming of having the house haunted by mice: mice that come into the house and run everywhere can be an inconvenience due to worries and thoughts that you find it hard to keep under control; it may also mean that you need to bring order to the environment you live in, or more metaphorically in your thoughts.
  • Dreaming mice that gnaw, eat food, books, or even important papers and documents, checks: they are your resources under threat, better pay attention to the people around you.
  • Dreaming of mice in the bed, in the room: they represent irrational fears. thoughts that come from your unconscious and whose origin you cannot explain yourself.

Dreaming baby mice, small, white, country, domestic

  • Dream of white, small, country, domesticated mice: these are representations that recall the friendly and reassuring characteristics of the mouse; they are tender, calm, maybe in the dream one of these mice becomes a friend of yours: you can caress it, pick it up and play with it together; maybe even talk to you. The dream can manifest a desire for cleanliness, simplicity, attention to small things, a desire to protect and reassure the defenseless.
  • Dreaming of newborn mice: the mice are very prolific animals and dedicated to the family. This dream is a good omen, because it announces fertility, energy, vitality, productive power. As the mouse quickly expands its family, you too will be able to expand your ideas and have them quickly accepted by others.
  • Dreaming of giving birth to a mouse: it may seem like a strange dream, but in reality it is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to have similar dreams (giving birth to animals, small dogs, kittens … and why not even mice!). The mouse is a “symbol” of the child, seen as fragile, small and defenseless.

Dreaming rat that bites, aggressive, that jumps on you

  • Dreaming of aggressive, threatening mice (or rats) that follow you and jump on you; or who climb into your bed and walk on you, bite you, bite your toes or hands; this dream is frequent and shows your vulnerability, your fears; these mice that eat you are anguished thoughts that emerge from your deep self and corrode you; mice and rats are rodents, and in these dreams they represent your internal ‘gnawing’.
  • A large, giant mouse represents, in its large dimensions, the great disturbance you are feeling.
  • Sewer mice, in the garbage. accentuate the disgust and the idea of dirt; there is something that repels you that emerges from your unconscious part.

Dreaming dead mice, killing mice

Dreaming of killing mice, crushing them, drowning them, etc. indicates that you will overcome your fears, you will be able to react to denied thoughts that are corroding you. Generally, seeing dead mice can be understood as a positive dream. But if you feel sorry for the dead or killed mouse, this animal can represent your inner fragility, your feeling yourself an innocent victim of wickedness and abuse.

Other dreams related to mice:

  • Mouse without tail: the tail serves as a balance organ; seeing a rat without a tail can allude to a lack of balance in some area of your life.
  • Black, gray, white, brown mouse, etc: see the colors in dreams for more precise information on the meaning.
  • Mouse in the mouth, eating mouse: it can relate to something that pricks your conscience. But in the past, eating a mouse was thought to be a good omen and to extend life, so it could also be a good sign.
  • Mouse droppings, mouse poop: they are the sign of the mouse’s presence, even when you don’t see it directly. These droppings can be the invitation to free yourself from what is harmful, to take action, to tidy up your life.