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Dreaming of dogs

Dreaming of a dog generally indicates the need to be sincerely loved, to be protected. But the dog in dreams is a presence full of meanings. As always, to interpret the dream correctly, it is necessary to analyze all the details well: the context in which the dog appears, its characteristics (sex, breed, color, size, attitude.) Your reactions (fear, desire to caress it.) ; It is also important to evaluate your attitude towards dogs in general, and in particular what happens in the dream.

The dog in dreams can generally take on these meanings:

  • Your instinctive part: the dog, like in general all animals in dreams, can embody your instinctive vital impulses, the most authentic part of you. If the dog is happy, joyful, docile and lets you pet, it means you are at peace with yourself.
  • Loyalty, friendship, protection: the dog is a loyal and faithful animal, man’s best friend. Even in dreams it can embody these aspects; it can be a figure who comes to your aid to overcome a difficulty, to spur you to react: in this case the dog may initially scare you, but then you realize that it does not harm you.
  • Aggression: If the dog is aggressive, it may express your pent-up anger; or it could represent aggressive people to you.
  • A person: usually the dog in dreams represents a dear person close to you (husband, child …), someone who in real life is trying to help you. The appearance, the breed, the behavior of the dog can help you understand if it represents a person you know.

Dreaming of a dog barking, biting, angry, aggressive dog

Dreaming of a big, aggressive dog that barks, growls, bites you: you are afraid and run away, and he chases you barking fiercely; or you’re so scared you can’t even move. It is a typical nightmare, very common in children, but also among adults. The dog barking fiercely could represent a person you know behaving aggressively towards you, scolding you, yelling, etc; in the case of a child, this dog could be a parent, or a strict educator. The dream often occurs recurring: in fact this repetition manifests the desire / need to enter into a relationship with that person close to you, but of whom you are at the same time afraid because of his aggression.

  • Dreaming of a dog chasing you – someone torments you and persecutes you, it is too oppressive and critical of you.
  • Dreaming of a dog that bites you – it can represent a person you feel as a threat, a danger; but if the dog bites you without really hurting you, it’s just helping you not get into worse trouble.

Dreaming of a black dog

Everything said in the paragraph above applies to aggressive dream dogs.
A black dog in dreams could be an expression of the forces of the unconscious, of instinct; since black is the color of fear, black colored animals are very likely to appear in nightmares

Dreaming of a white dog

The white dog in dreams is usually positive and represents a protective figure, similar to an angel. The white color is usually associated with positive meanings; it can also represent novelty

Dreaming of puppies, little dogs

Dreaming of a little dog, or a puppy dog partying, affectionate, licking you – you need affection, friendship, to be appreciated and considered. Or you need to see your instinct in a reassuring and friendly way, because otherwise you would be afraid of it.
I also remember that pregnant women often dream of puppies of dogs and other animals: they represent the baby on the way.

Dreaming of your dog

In the dream it can represent a person you love very much, maybe that you have raised (it could be a child); or it could be your life partner (husband). Very often it represents yourself, your instinctive and vital part; in the dream he follows you and accompanies you faithfully to protect you. If your dog is sick in the dream, it means that you are in pain. If you dream of your deceased dog, then surely you will be happy to be able to see him again and pet him in a dream.

Dreaming of an injured, sick, dead dog

  • Sad, sick, injured, bleeding, crying, whining dog: this dog probably represents your instinctual part, which is in bad condition because you have repressed it too much; an abused, tortured, mutilated dog also represents all the injuries you have received and that make you feel bad in your soul.
  • Dog on a leash, tied up, or locked up in a cage: your instinctive part is ‘in control’; you have to let it go more.
  • Dead dog, dying: a part of you, the instinctive and vital part, is dying, perhaps because it is too repressed, or abused, or subjected to very serious stress. You have to recover it to get better with yourself.
  • Lame dog: This could symbolize a person who needs your help.
  • Stray dog, abandoned, dirty, mangy, full of fleas: it could represent a person with little social insertion, abandoned by the family, on the margins of society. This person could also be yourself.

Very large dog

  • Very large, giant dog: the measure beyond the norm can indicate the strength of the instinctual part that the animal represents; or it can also be a clue that the dog in the dream represents a human person.
  • Dog walking standing on two legs: Again, the dog most likely represents a person you know.

Other dreams about the dog

  • dog that speaks: his is the voice of a higher knowledge; pay close attention to what the dog says; can help you solve your difficulties, give you valuable advice.
  • dog giving birth: dreaming of a pregnant or giving birth bitch is a good dream because it indicates that your instinct is giving birth to something new, it is producing new ideas.
  • dog peeing or pooping: it is positive because it represents the release from negative feelings and emotions that have troubled you.
  • dog fighting with another dog, a cat, a snake: maybe the fight represents a fight with a person you need to be wary of. Or it can represent two conflicting aspects of your character.

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