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Dreaming of being cheated by girlfriend or boyfriend

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Are these dreams really just dreams? If you feel guilty about dreams in which you have cheated, stop tormenting yourself immediately; you are not responsible for your dreams; if you love your partner and you know you would never cheat on him, you have nothing to blame yourself for; dreaming of cheating is as common for men as it is for women; even the most faithful wife or husband can dream of having a lover; even the most in love boyfriend in the world, or your girlfriend who would never cheat on you even with the thought

Do not be distressed by thinking that the dream is premonitory.
The image of betrayal has a symbolic meaning. So let’s see what these dreams can mean from a psychological point of view.

I keep dreaming of cheating:

Often dreaming of cheating on your husband / boyfriend (or wife / girlfriend) can have various explanations:

  • Great passion: despite appearances, this recurring dream can depend on a strong desire towards the loved one and the need to live one’s sexuality by exploring new things together.
  • Feelings of guilt towards your partner or for other personal reasons; for example, this dream could manifest when you feel trapped in a situation that you find unfair or immoral and that requires you to come to terms with your conscience.
  • Dissatisfaction: there is something wrong with your partner, you are not satisfied with your relationship; for this reason the dream makes you see other possibilities, other partners who could make you happy and give you what you need.
  • Regret for the sexual freedom of when you were single and not bound by fidelity.

Dreaming of cheating before marriage:

Dreams of cheating can intensify as the wedding date approaches: dreaming of having sexual experiences with other partners can also in this case depend on the renewal of desire for your future spouse. It doesn’t mean you’re going to marry the wrong man.

Dreaming of being betrayed

  • Insecurity, fear of being abandoned; you feel that your partner is colder and more distant, you suffer from his lack of attention towards you, you feel neglected. The dream could manifest itself in particular during a critical period of the couple, in which you question yourself, when perhaps you think that it is too difficult to be with you, that there are too many problems, that you deserve to be left, etc.
  • Inadequacy, lack of self-esteem, low self-confidence; you probably feel lacking in something. Often in this type of dreams it is useful to focus on the characteristics of the other with whom you are betrayed: because that person usually has what you lack. If she is a person you know in reality, it can be quite simple to understand: what does she have that you don’t have and that you would like to have? What goals have you achieved? What do you envy her? Your dream may have arisen precisely from the subconscious thought that she is better than you, so the dream shows you the person you love most in the world who prefers her to you, who is happier with her than with you.
  • Trauma from a past betrayal, which you still suffer from.

Dreaming of betrayal of others (father, mother)

It may happen that you dream of a betrayal that does not concern you, but another couple of people; often they are the parents: in a dream you see your father or mother unfaithful, and you feel bad. They can also be in-laws, or a couple of friends.
In these cases, the betrayal may indicate that there is a moment of crisis in the couple; your unconscious has perceived the signals and has given shape to this dream.

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